San Francisco Rapper Prezi Shares the Slap-Heavy Collection of Street Tales Do Better

The Hitmaker Behind 2017 Street Hit “Do Better” Reverts to His “Old Ways” in a New Slice-of-Life Video


The Album + Video:

With thin, shoulder-length dreads and an irrepressible charisma, San Francisco’s Prezi is the Bay Area’s next cult superstar. Building on the momentum of the hit single “Do Better,” released after he beat a murder case by pleading self-defense, Prezi shares Do Better, a glistening collection of honest street stories. Brimming with love for his family, pride for his community, and determination to overcome his struggles, Prezi carries the mixtape with quality songwriting and detailed bars. Annihilating mob-style instrumentals with his unbreakable cadence and providing ample hooks with his sing-song flow, Prezi shines on Do Better, establishing himself as one of the most vital voices in Bay Area street rap. Featuring appearances from Mozzy, Philthy Rich, OMB Peezy, Lil Yee, Lil Blood, Tree Thomas, and SkoolyDo Better arrives today via EMPIRE.

Born and raised in the Hunter’s Point neighborhood of San Francisco, Prezi raised his profile to regional stardom in 2017. Prezi found his greatest success in the summer when he released “Do Better,” an aspirational mob anthem that delves deep into the young rapper’s past life of crime and legal struggles as he vows to improve his life and make it easier on his family. Promoted by local outlets such as The Thizzler and 106.1 KMEL and promoted by rappers such as Philthy Rich, grew into a massive street hit, collecting over 4 million views on YouTube, over 3 million plays on SoundCloud, and over 1 million streams on Spotify. The success of the song spawned an all-star remix, featuring Philthy, along with Prezi’s kindred spirits Mozzy and OMB Peezy. Capitalizing on the song’s success with an appearance as a guest of Ty Dolla $ign at KMEL’s Summer Jam, appearing on “Hot Hand” with Berner and Young Dolph, and earning a successful follow-up with “Family,” (1.2 million views on YouTube), Prezi is ready to burst out of the Bay and reach a national audience.

To accompany the album’s release, Prezi shares the video Old Ways,” a P-Lo and Reece Beats-produced highlight from the new album. A suitable sequel to “Do Better,” “Old Ways” focuses on the rapper’s rough early life and how he will always fight his old self no matter how successful he becomes. Finding the rapper showing off his hoops skills, chilling with his homies, and counting cash, the video is a stylish and charming selection of Prezi’s everyday life. Effortlessly showcasing the rapper’s charisma, the video is an excellent example of the well-constructed and honest music found on Do Better.

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