atm Announces Self-Titled Debut Project, Releasing Via Mass Appeal Records on April 26th

The Terminally Chill New Jersey Native Shares the Romantic and Inventive Clip For His Breakout Hit “rush”


Critical Praise:

“If you like Playboi Carti or Lucki, you’re gonna love atm…His relaxed flow and undeniable knack for melody combine to create a carefree vibe that’ll have you hooked after just a few listens.” ELEVATOR

The Announcement:

With an effortless charm and excellent taste in instrumentals, atm is the waviest rapper west of the Hudson River. Celebrating a brand new deal with Mass Appeal Records, atm announces atm, his upcoming debut EP. Favoring organic instrumentation and atmosphere in his beats, atm uses his rhymes like a painter uses brushstrokes, with precise bursts of cadenced rhymes piling up to create an artful picture. Focusing on romance and low-key flexes, the Teaneck, New Jersey rapper created much of the EP in collaboration with Cor Blanco, who crafts an enveloping sandbox for atm to play in, combining gentle topline sounds, often from guitars or ukeleles, with rattling bass and trap drums. Featuring an appearance from Daydream Masi and hosting the hit single “rush,” atm EP releases on April 26th.

“Mass Appeal is really hands on, that’s what appealed to me,” says atm. “Other labels had a bunch of people signing at once and me. As an artist, I felt I would get more attention at Mass Appeal. It felt more personal. I used to watch all their videos on YouTube and I’ve always been a fan of the brand.”

To accompany the announcement of the EP, atm shares the video for “Rush,” his breakout hit single. Released in the Summer of 2018, “rush” quickly caught fire on streaming services, earning placements on Spotify’s Mellow Bars (761k followers), Dorm Daze (212k followers), and With You (56k followers) playlists. Spurred on by playlist support and word-of-mouth, “rush” racked up 1.3 million streams on Spotify and 212k SoundCloud plays. Directed by Lonewolf, “rush” is a charming and lo-fi portrait of a relationship, as atm and his girlfriend explore L.A.’s Little Tokyo district. Packed with inventive visual effects, including some stop-motion animation and creative color saturation, the video perfectly captures the vibe suggested by the spindly guitars that speckle the song’s Cor Blanco-produced instrumental.

Watch “rush”:

Listen to “rush”:


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The Background:

Raised in Teaneck, New Jersey, atm dabbled in music as a fan early on, never realizing it would be his chosen path. Upon graduating high school, atm was bound for the University of Northampton in Pennsylvania, but plans changed after the first semester. “Basically, I got kicked out,” he says with a laugh. He knew he had to push forward and headed back up North. By then his high school best friends, producer Cor Blanco and rapper Puddah, were already cultivating their own movements, urging atm to bring his creativity to the forefront. “I figured, let me try this,” he says of making music. “And I liked it. I was good at it.”

On 4/26, atm will release his self-titled debut via Mass Appeal Records. After an unprecedented rise to the mainstream with his wavy, amorous track “rush”, the New Jersey native picks up where he left off, continuing down a road rife with infectious hooks and unmatched melodic flow. New cuts like the genre-bending “Sunset,” aspirational “Miami Nights” and bag-securing anthem “wholelottaguap” are sure to set the tone for atm’s future hit-making career.

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