A Million Billion Dying Suns

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“A Million Billion Dying Suns is raw as f*ck. And it’s not just the whiskey talking.” – Boots Riley (The Coup & Street Sweeper Social Club)

“…washes of beautiful, unrelenting, but reigned in noise; glorious noise.” – Impose

“…a pulsing rush of dance-floor beats, bubbling hot like a sun flare. Mercereau’s voice floats out into the ether like a stranded astronaut as the song spirals towards oblivion, only to be pulled back down in the gravity swell of a massive, soundscape-altering guitar solo.” – Consequence of Sound

“A Million Billion Dying Suns sound as dramatic as their name implies, with long, lush textures within pulsing noise pop.” – Best New Bands 

“A Million Billion Dying Suns have created a swirling ball of gasses that leave me spent yet rejuvenated after every listenStrawberry is filled with atmosphere like a muthaf*cker…” – SYFFAL

“…a hurricane of good vibes…with a rich beat that makes you want to dance…AMBDS certainly transcends earthly limitations.” – The Deli Magazine

As the million billion suns die, they coalesce into one singular form of energy, before they explode into super nova. It is the vanishing point, where you and me don’t matter, but we do. And so do you. Yes You. We are all Dying Suns, sewn into the same fabric. Endlessly dying, constantly living, in the pattern of the infinite universe.

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