Video: Z Money – “Apart of Trappin'” (Prod. by Lil Mexico)

1017 Eskimo’s Chicago Representative Counts Cash and Relaxes in His Trap House in the Chiraq Money Visual


Critical Praise for ZMoney:

“Z’s appeal is all about swagger, a subtle brand of cocky humor, and a delicate musical touch. Which isn’t to say that it’s an empty exercise in style—although he has style in spades. There’s an unusual quality at the heart of the ZMoney project that’s elusive to define, but could be called, simply, ‘art.'”Complex

“As one of the promising new faces to come out of Chicago, ZMoney is ready to go full speed ahead.”XXL

“Even though the 25-year-old has work from as early as 2014, setbacks such as his legal troubles and incarceration had put his career on hold until now and, if it wasn’t already obvious, Z Money SZN is upon us.” – Lyrical Lemonade

The Video:

Speaking softly and carrying a big glock, Z Money is one of Chicago’s most respected street rappers. Reveling in the company of his white Benz and some beautiful women, Z Money bides his time in his trap house in Apart of Trappin’,” his latest video. Accompanied by a spooky, minimalist beat from producer Lil Mexico, Z Money cleverly reveals his day-to-day in his subtle cadence: I been stackin’ cabbage, no wrappin’, but I been baggin’ plastic/Four-five automatic, no cappin’, that’s why I’m packin’ damage/My trap house abandoned, no party but I got junkies jammin’/Dope so good, they stealin’ from mammies and out here panhandlin’.” In the video, directed by Truman Kewley, Z Money rocks a teal tracksuit, counting cash and sitting back in his throne as the camera swirls in a centrifugal motion. Premiered by The FADER, “Apart of Trappin'” is the latest release from Chiraq Mogul, Z Money’s acclaimed new mixtape, shared in August.

The follow-up to the critically acclaimed ZTMwhich boasted the Valee-featuring cult hit Two 16s,” Chiraq Mogul is a more substantial effort, comprised of 16 intense tracks, each marked by Z Money’s oft-imitated cadences and canny punchlines about the hustle. The new mixtape hosts previously released tracks such as Bon Appetit,” which features G Herbo and Key Glock and garnered over 3.55 million views on YouTube, the hazy Givenchy” (231k views), the haunting and absorbing Bitcoin” (362k), and the recently released “Durag,” also featuring Key Glock, which has 387k views. Featuring an additional appearances fro G Herbo, along with an appearance from 03 GreedoChiraq Mogul, released via 1017 Eskimo/Alamo, continues Z Money’s rise from the ashes as he follows his mentor Gucci Maneon the path from underground success to mainstream figure.

First coming to the forefront during the Chicago rap boom of 2012, Z Money stood out from the pack for his creative cadences, his malleable, high-pitched flow, which drew comparisons to Z Money’s idol Gucci Mane, and his rejection of the conventions of the drill music that dominated the city in that era. Releasing a series of popular mixtapes packed with street witticisms and raw honesty, Z Money gained cult hero status in Chicago for songs like Regular” and Want My Money,” which Chance The Rapper used in his original trailer for his 2013 breakout mixtape Acid RapIn 2014, Z Money’s meteoric rise came to an abrupt halt when he was forced to spend nearly the whole year in prison for a probation violation. After his release, Z Money rededicated himself to his craft, moving away from his Chicago-based problems and temptations to the rap mecca of Atlanta. In ATL, Z Money caught the ear of a recently free Gucci Mane, who signed him to his fledgling 1017 Eskimo label. Since the signing, Z Money gotten his career back on the road to stardom with ZTM and Chiraq Mogul.

Z Money’s 5 Commandments of Trappin’, as told to The FADER:

  1. Never snitch
  2. Stay down till you come up.  One minute you might not have anything but in the next five years you might be richest man on the planet.
  3. Never worry about what nobody else is doing or making.
  4. Keep your loved ones around you. A lot of people claim they love but when the money comes, you won’t know who is true.
  5. Make smart investments. Work smarter not harder.

Watch “Apart of Trappin”:

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Chiraq Mogul Tracklist:

  1. Apart Of Trappin
  2. Trappin Off The Phone
  3. Killer Ride
  4. Durag feat. Key Glock
  5. Givenchy
  6. Bitcoin
  7. In My Trap
  8. Terrified
  9. Bon Appetit feat. G Herbo and Key Glock
  10. Scales
  11. Pressure
  12. 80 Bands
  13. California to Chicago feat. 03 Greedo
  14. I Really Did
  15. Be The Boss
  16. No Flogging feat. G Herbo and Key Glock

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“Apart of Trappin”:

“Durag” ft. Key Glock:

Chiraq Mogul

“80 Bands”: //

“Two 16’s” ft. Valee:

ZTM (produced by ChaseTheMoney):

“Let You Know”:

“Want My Money”: