MP3: Youth Sounds – “Before It’s Too Late”

Innovative Songwriter Siblings Release Debut Single Defined By Wavering Synths, Pop Percussion, and Breathy, Serene Vocals



Critical praise for Youth Sounds:

“All I know is that after three songs, I’m hooked and I’d like more” – Obscure Sound

“…a glowing neon sign of widescreen synths, fresh-faced optimism, and blocky’80s drum programming.”Wondering Sound

The Song:

Recently introduced via his role in the indie-pop hip-hop fusion crew THE BL∆CK HE∆RTS CLUB, multi-instrumentalist Lucho is ready to unleash his more compelling music with another group project, Youth Sounds. Focused more on crafting singsongy pop music, YS is Lucho on bass, his sister Erika on vocals, brother Nicholas on drums, and friend Adrian on guitar. “Before It’s Too Late” premiered via Wondering Sound and is the first single from their forthcoming Favors EP, highlighting the group’s distinct sound of serene tranquility layered with driving house beats. On the track, Erika reminisces on a love that she’s seeking to re-discover. As Wondering Sound explains it, “‘Before It’s Too Late’ is a glowing neon sign of widescreen synths, fresh-faced optimism, and blocky ’80s drum programming.”

Lucho and his siblings were forced to evacuate their home in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. They spent three weeks living in a church that was housing refugees in Mississippi at the time. Currently, Lucho is living in Kansas City, while his YS bandmates are based back in N.O. Since forming in 2009, the group has received strong praise for the striking cohesiveness and inventive songwriting as witnessed by their two EP’s, The Bits Parts and Tomorrow, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow… As for the Favors EP, the group will be sharing their most anticipated release in the first quarter of 2015.

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Youth Sounds Background:

The peaceful ambience that is Youth Sounds comes from an innovative brother and sister duo that understands who they are and what they have to offer. Hailing from the streets of New Orleans, Erika and Lucho are self-taught musicians that gained experience in church choirs and developed their crafts by remaining artistically stylish. The combination of Erika’s soft and whispery voice gliding over Lucho’s piano leads and house backbeats on their debut EP, The Bit Parts, expresses the aptitude this duo possesses. With the addition of Nicholas (Drums) and Adrian (Guitar) Youth Sounds feels familiar and inviting in their effort to bring fresh melodies and new ideas to their brand of electro pop. During a two-year hiatus, Youth Sounds spent a majority of their time reworking and redefining their sound. With a new sense of direction, the band was able to create some of their best work and record some compelling new material for their upcoming Favors EP. This hiatus also helped launch Lucho’s career as a producer, hooking up and working with Immaculate Taste artists Well$ and Alec Lomami. During this time, the connection with Immaculate also led to the forming of a side project called THE BL∆CK HE∆RTS CLUB and to the signing of Youth Sounds to Immaculate Taste’s management team. Youth Sounds’ elegant appeal and dreamlike moodiness branch from their appreciation for art and film. Encompassing these ideals in their music captures the essence of purity in their craft. Take part of Youth Sounds’ journey!


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“Before It’s Too Late”:

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