Video: Young Scooter – “Drug Deals”

The Atlanta Street Star Paints a Portrait of the Effect of Drugs on the Community in the Clip for the Trippple Cross Highlight


Critical Praise:

“He floats at the beat, rather than locking into the pocket, as if he were only somewhat concerned with the rhythm. His verses are more compelling for this style, and it makes conventional rappers seem a bit stiff and square in comparison.” – Complex

“For those who miss the rougher edges that made trap music blow up in the first place, Jugg King is a welcome reminder of the genre’s range.”  – Noisey

The Album:

Waxing rhapsodic about kingpin problems, ATL heavy hitter Young Scooter has the ear of the streets. In “Drug Deals,” his new video, Scooter focuses on the give-and-take of the drug trade–how drug use can devastate a community and how drug dealing can often provide opportunity for people to overcome their surroundings. The video focuses on the inner-workings of a drug dealing operation and how it affects everyone in Scooter’s neighborhood, from the young corner boys, to the women bagging the drugs, to the aging dope fiends whose lives were ruined by the drugs Scooter sold. Premiered by XXL, “Drug Deals” is the second video from Trippple CrossScooter’s latest studio album, following Plug Lingo,” an entertaining clip that finds Scooter embracing a role as a Chemistry Professor, so to speak.

With multiple guest appearances from ATL innovators Young Thug and Future, whose hyper-melodic flights of fancy mesh perfectly with Scooter’s earth-shaking baritone, Trippple Cross is packed with braggadocios boasts, slick punchlines, and heartfelt accounts of Scooter’s legal tribulations. Though the record’s subject matter can grow heavy, Scooter never loses his cool, creating hooks with a wry grin and rhythmic invention. Featuring appearances from Young Thug, Future, Youngboy Never Broke AgainCasino, and VL Deck, the EMPIRE-distributed Trippple Cross shows the skills that earned Scooter the respect of the biggest rappers in the game and demonstrates that he deserves to be mentioned among the best in his city. 

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