Video: Verse Simmonds – “Situationships”

Premiered by Complex, the Singer/Songwriter/Producer Whose Credits Include Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, and Rihanna, Shares Video Single Off Forthcoming Sex Tapes Chronicles 3 Album


The Video:

Virgin Islands-born, Atlanta-based singer/songwriter/producer Verse Simmonds is calling out the lack of genuine relationships in today’s world with “Situationships,” the first single from his forthcoming The Sextape Chronicles 3 album. Speaking to his “number one about making their own rules, Verse explores stigmas and guidelines that are oft placed on what a relationship is supposed to be, while alternative lifestyles can affect the type of relationships that a person desires and experiences. Co-produced by Grammy-winning producer Needlz and Donut, an ethereal ambiance sits behind pulsating percussion and a reverberating vocal.

“‘Situationships’ is an honest perspective on a lot of relationships today,” Verse told Complex in their premiere post. “I think being in a ‘Situationship’ instead of being in a full blown relationship for some might allow both parties to be more open about their intentions. It’s the realist shit I’ve ever wrote. When people hear it, it makes them think about their situations because it’s so relatable and relevant. I love the video because it’s simple and focuses on the music and doesn’t distract from the message being conveyed. I took a walk through a lot of today’s relationships.”

As Chris Brown‘s go-to songwriter, Verse Simmonds holds an extensive track record as a writer and producer, with credits that include songs for R. Kelly and Rihanna, as well as Justin Bieber‘s “Confident.” Verse previously stepped into the spotlight with Kelly Rowland on their steamy single Boo Thang,” which is from his The Sextape Chronicles 2 mixtape. The multi-faceted artist is back to make his songwriting and soaring vocals heard with Sex Tapes Chronicles 3 slated to release later this year.

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Verse Simmonds Background:

Verse is in a league of his own, and called on by the best to create hits that resonate from now, until forever. No matter what he accomplishes or encounters, Verse will remain faithful to what he has been called to be, a game changer. He has worked with Jay-Z and Kanye on the Watch The Throne album, receiving a Grammy nomination because of that. He has also been called on by Justin Bieber, R. Kelly, Chris Brown, Young Jeezy, TLC, and numerous others.

“My goal is to be remembered as the one who gave 100%. I want my music and anything I touch to resonate forever. It is my desire to take people back to a time, or evoke forgotten emotions, when they hear my music, because it’s so raw, honest, and real. I simply want to go in the books as one of the greatest,” is how he describes what he envisions his legacy to be. With his hands in a little bit of everything, from behind the scenes to front and center on stage, his impact will be felt all over.


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