Tyson onBEATS Releases We So Fly ft. Mikial

San Jose Rapper & Producer Duo Team Up With Mikial For Laid-back Cali Vibes In Okayplayer Debuted Video For “We So Fly” Off Latest Album, Purpose



Critical Praise for Tyson onBEATS:

“These forward-minded backpack revivalists bring forth a refreshing take on the boom-bap steez, stunting some murky bossa-styled rhodes chords at its foundation, cascading flute licks and a tight, cracking snare-kick combo to keep that cave-deep pocket alive and well.” –Okayplayer

The Video:

Tyson onBEATS is a dynamic hip-hop duo from San Jose, California made up of emcee Tyson Amir and producer Ridwan Bass, better known as onBEATS. While Tyson is known for his lyrical finesse and showmanship, onBEATS is renowned for bionic basslines and behind-the-scenes beat making. After the release of the first track they created together, “Safety,” received such positive feedback from the public, the two musicians teamed up for a larger project – an album titled Purpose, which dropped last year. Purpose‘s “We So Fly” video released today and was premiered by Okayplayer. “This a picture of the music that my mind makes/onBEATS archeology he digging through the crate/excavate truth I spit it to the tape,” spits Tyson as onBEATS spins the records and Mikial nods his head with the beat, surrounded by sunshine in a colorful cali-style home-studio.  Between onBEATS’ mellow beats, Mikial‘s smooth hook, and Tyson’s quick, confident flow, this song radiates the soulful vibes that Tyson onBEATS is known for. The video, directed by Shihan Chowdhury, contains the same positive message and peaceful essence as the track itself.

Watch “We So Fly”: http://youtu.be/d94KlZ-YC54

Read the Okayplayer premiere: http://www.okayplayer.com/news/tyson-onBEATS-we-so-fly-video.html


Rapper Tyson Amir and producer onBEATS first met in 2003, and although they were pursuing individual projects at the time, they were in awe of each other’s musical prowess. Tyson was on tour with the Remarkable Current Collective and onBEATS was producing for artists such as Planet Asia, Rasco, and Stones Throw. Both artists were heavily influenced by the San Jose underground music scene, and they shared the same desire to make music that inspires their listeners to a higher spiritual plane. They finally worked together on their first collaboration with the song, “Safety.” onBEATS created the beat and instinctively imagined Tyson rapping over it, and their first collaboration was born. The relationship between the two artists is a balancing act between their opposite personalities and differing music gifts, and it created a perfect harmony which led to their larger project, Purpose which debuted last year.


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“We So Fly”: http://youtu.be/d94KlZ-YC54