Video: Tuki Carter – “Commando”

The Tattoo Artist/Entrepreneur Shows Off His Dizzying Flow in the Visual from Flowers & Planes, Out April 7th


Critical Praise for Tuki Carter:

“Shades of Kendrick’s flow and Wiz’s charm, and quite a backstory–it appears the spacey ‘Yeah’ is another step towards Tuki carving out his own corner” – The FADER

“One of the most talented artists in the hip-hop industry” – HotNewHipHop

The Video:

The owner and chief artist of tattoo parlor chain City of Ink and a member of Wiz Khalifa‘s Taylor Gang, Tuki Carter radiates creativity through every pore. His effortless flow and boundless energy exhibited in the new “Commando” video is proof that one can be both an amiable stoner and a passionate artist. Showing off his exuberant personality, Tuki tokes, plays with balloons, and raps with dazzling agility in the visual. Tuki’s machine-gun flow serves as the main attraction, but a beautiful inner-city high rise, two bad, bougie twins, and an extremely energetic rock band round out the effervescent clip. Premiered by VIBE, “Commando” is the first visual off Flowers & Planes, Tuki’s upcoming debut album.

“The concept of Flowers and Planes is deeply personal but is relatable at the same time,” Tuki Carter explains of the forthcoming project. “It’s based on weed but you don’t have to be a smoker to relate–anyone who appreciates art, dreams, and aspirations will vibe to it. I know this because people from all walks of life have been buying my merch, which has a simple graphic of a flower and a plane, and it’s probably successful because it doesn’t scream ‘WEED’ all up in your face; it’s simply a nice piece of art. Do they know that the flower part represents buds and the plane is a euphemism for rolling papers? Maybe not and I like it like that. You don’t necessarily need to be direct or literal with art. Sometimes the best examples of art are ones that can be interpreted in several ways with no right answer.”

Already a successful tattoo parlor entrepreneur, Tuki Carter met Taylor Gang boss Wiz Khalifa in 2007, leading to a long and fruitful relationship between the two artists. With Wiz, whom he met through Rick Ross after designing and inking some custom tattoos for the big boss, Tuki expanded his artistry from visual design to the realm of music. In 2015, Tuki Carter dropped Tuki, which landed three singles, “Chirp,” “Good,” and “Yeah” on the Billboard/Twitter Emerging Artists Chart. Last year, Tuki Carter dropped The Tuki Toker Tape, which explored the “pothead” side of Tuki’s persona, emphasizing tracks with deep bass and heavy reverb and introspective, party-positive lyrics that appeal to the heads. “I don’t want to be the next big something,” says Tuki Carter. “I want to be a staple in the world for art and music.” Look out for Flowers and Planes, arriving April 7th.

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Tuki Carter Background:

Tuki Carter is more than just a rapper—he’s an artist. For more than a decade, the Atlanta-based visionary has lived and breathed art, embracing audio and visual mediums through his love of hip-hop and tattooing and beyond. In turn, he’s established himself as one-of-a-kind in an industry where status quo is far too familiar, touring across the country and crafting creatively forward-thinking projects while living life as an entrepreneur, running the parlor franchise City of Ink as co-owner and giving artists including Rick Ross, Usher and Young Jeezy some of his fresh designs.


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“Commando” Video:


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