Album: Tuki Carter – Flowers & Planes

The TGOD Rapper/Tattoo Artist Reflects on His Two-Way Hustle on this Sonically Diverse, Thoughtful New LP


Critical Praise for Tuki Carter:

“Shades of Kendrick’s flow and Wiz’s charm, and quite a backstory–it appears the spacey ‘Yeah’ is another step towards Tuki carving out his own corner” – The FADER

“One of the most talented artists in the hip-hop industry” – HotNewHipHop

The Album:

A master of both the auditory and visual arts, Tuki Carter is the ultimate lifestyle rapper and a unique figure in the world of Hip-Hop. After a long and winding career in many creative disciplines, Tuki Carter shares Flowers and Planes, released via Taylor Gang Entertainment. An accomplished and addictive 11-track effort, Flowers and Planes demonstrates Tuki’s growth as an artist, showcasing his improved, motormouth flow, his ear for high quality production, and his wry, party-positive lyrics. Premiered by XXLFlowers and Planes boasts a diverse array of highlights, including previously released jams like the poignant “Make A Way,” premiered last week by Mass Appeal, and the vicious, electric guitar-driven “Commando,” as well as new highlights such as the vocoder-laden opener “To The Max,” the slinky, bass-heavy “Brewster’s Millions,” and the party-starting Taylor Gang posse cut of the title track. Featuring appearances from Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Go Dreamer, Chevy Woods, Rome Fortune, and others, Flowers and Planes is the ideal soundtrack for a backyard barbecue or a late night smoke session.

Explained Tuki Carter in a recent interview with Mass Appeal“Flowers and Planes is a lifestyle that includes music, tattooing, art, and just being great at what you do no matter the obstacles set in the way. It’s my first studio album and I’m a lil’ nervous, but the other part of the flowers and planes movement, which is weed, helps me with it all. Get it? Flowers [weed] and planes [paper]. I’m ready for the world to see what’s been in my head for the past few years and some change—including art and other things I’m about lifestyle-wise. Hella positivity.”

Born in California, Tuki Carter first made waves in the world of Hip-Hop when he founded City of Ink, a tattoo parlor which Mass Appeal called “crucial nexus of Atlanta’s hip hop and art scenes.” After making his name by inking Hip-Hop stars such as Young Jeezy and Rick Ross, Tuki Carter met Wiz Khalifa in 2007, beginning a fruitful creative partnership that has lasted a decade. Last winter, Carter dropped The Tuki Toker Tape, a reverb-heavy effort that focuses on the “stoner” side of Tuki’s persona, featuring singles such as the Halsey-sampling “Like Me” and the trippy “Drinking Weed.” Though Flowers and Planes is very stoner-friendly, it has a more universal theme of a talented artist pursuing his dreams. Explains Tuki: “Anyone who appreciates art, dreams, and aspirations will vibe to [Flowers and Planes]. I don’t want to be the next big something. I want to be a staple in the world for art and music.”

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Flowers and Planes Tracklisting:

1. To the Max ft. Rome Fortune & Go Dreamer (Prod. by Protocal)
2. Changes (Prod. by BeatBoy)
3. Brewster’s Millions (Prod. by Rah Groove)
4. Make A Way (Prod. by SAP)
5. Flowers and Planes (Flight TGOD) ft. Wiz Khalifa, Chevy Woods (Prod. by RMB Justize)
6. Hollywood ft. Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa (Prod. by RMB Justize)
7. Nobody ft. Ted Park (Prod. by SONIX)
8. Reindeer Dash (Prod. by TM88)
9. Bustin Loose (Prod. by Ducko McFli)
10. Jerry Maguire ft. Juicy J (Prod. by Big Jerm, Roofeeo, Wes Gradovsky)
11. Commando (Prod. by Big Jerm)

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Tuki Carter Background:

Tuki Carter is more than just a rapper—he’s an artist. For more than a decade, the Atlanta-based visionary has lived and breathed art, embracing audio and visual mediums through his love of hip-hop and tattooing and beyond. In turn, he’s established himself as one-of-a-kind in an industry where status quo is far too familiar, touring across the country and crafting creatively forward-thinking projects while living life as an entrepreneur, running the parlor franchise City of Ink as co-owner and giving artists including Rick RossUsher and Young Jeezy some of his fresh designs.


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“Like Me”:

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“Texting and Driving”:

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