Single: Supa Bwe – “Down Comes the Spaceman” ft. Saba (Produced by Supa Bwe & Shepard Hues)

The Two Chicago Emcees Flex Their Storytelling Skills to Recount Their Outsider Pasts on the Latest Single From Bwe’s Finally Dead


Critical Praise:


“Supa Bwe has already challenged the current state of rap as he transcends genres with his eclectic production and blend of melodies and rhymes” – HipHopDX

“With momentum behind him, Supa BWE is someone to pay attention to if you haven’t did so already.” – XXL

“Super Bwe more than holds his ground [with Chance The Rapper]”The FADER

“Supa’s melting, mystical pop-rap songs contain yearning Auto-Tune crooning that comes out in Pollock-like bursts and instrumentals that bark and bite.” Chicago Reader

The Single:

Respected by his Chitown peers for his rhyming ability and emo-rap aesthetic, Supa Bwe is the next to blow from the city’s burgeoning rap scene. Blasting off over a candy-colored, posi-rap instrumental, Supa Bwe shows off his impeccable cadence on Down Comes the Spaceman,” his latest single. Over a beat co-produced by MoneyMontage, Supa Bwe and special guest Saba tell their origin stories, relating anecdotes about their struggles finding themselves before rap, their perpetual outsider status, and detailing some changes in their neighborhoods since their childhoods. Out now on retailers, “Down Comes The Spaceman” is the latest single from Finally Dead, Supa Bwe’s upcoming album.  Featuring appearances from Xavier Ömar and others, Supa Bwe’s Finally Dead is slated to release on December 6th via EMPIRE.

Explains Supa Bwe: “‘Down Comes The Space Man’ represents my inability to fit in no matter where I am, be it the hood, the burbs, or anywhere in between. I feel like a spaceman, and as a black American, get treated as such. When I say ‘spaceman,’ I don’t mean a literal astronaut, but in a more ‘It came from space!’ vintage movie vibe, or like Superman’s origin as he’s from a different planet and has a hard time dealing with ‘being a human.’ Being a human is hard :(. This is my origin song, it’s me explaining my journey from Krypton to Earth. It’s explaining why I feel the way I do and how long and hard I’ve worked to be here today.”

“I grew up on Chicago Ave & Lockwood, the 800 block, and saw every-fucking-thing there was to see,” continues Supa Bwe. “Me and homies didn’t have shit to do but throw rocks at each other and emulate the OG’s and big homies. I learned to be resourceful, unafraid of violence & most importantly street wise. I had a rough time transitioning into suburban life when I moved to Oak Park due to the things I had seen and experienced. I learned that I had to be hard and not trust anyone, but that attitude doesn’t fare so well in suburban America. I met Saba years ago, we’ve both been working for so long and in the same city so we knew each other via twitter but didn’t link in real like 2013 or so. He low-key lived like 5 blocks from me and we never knew for years. Weird thing is, we both moved and he lives like 6 blocks away now. Life’s weird like that sometimes.”

Exploring dark themes with uncommon candor and sly self-awareness,, Supa Bwe fuses and transcends genre, burrowing into the innovative productions with his impressive bars. Around Halloween time, Supa Bwe released the haunting video for “I Hate Being Alive,” which is rapidly approaching 1 million plays on Spotify. Last week, Supa Bwe shared “Up Right Now,” his joyous collaboration with Xavier Ömar, which premiered in HYPEBEAST. A fixture in the Chicago scene, Supa Bwe has collaborated with the likes of Chance The Rapper, Twista, Mick Jenkins, and Taylor Bennett, among many others. With alternately beautiful and abrasive sonics influenced by electronic music and ’90s alt-rock, Finally Dead is Supa Bwe’s most diverse and accomplished project yet. “I would call my sound a conglomerate of English ‘fuck you’ dystopian punk, Rick James’ cold blooded, ‘I’m going to do my cocaine and smack you about it,’ and Prince’s ambiguous individuality,” explained Supa Bwe to XXL in their feature, The Break. “I pull champion traits from champions.” Finally Dead is currently available for pre-order.

Listen to “Down Comes the Spaceman” ft. Saba: //

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Finally Dead Tracklist (Mixed and Mastered by Supa Bwe & Shepard Hues):

1. “Thot Goddess (Sailor Moon)” (Prod. by TayMasterChef)
2. “Black Goku (I Really Like You)” (Prod. by Yoga Flame)
3. “Up Right Now” Ft. Xavier Omar (Prod. by Derelle Rideout)
4. “The Moon (Run It Up)” (Prod. by ChaseTheMoney)
5. “Big Dummy” (Prod. by Supa Bwe & Shepard Hues)
6. “Wok Wok” Ft. Juju (Prod. by Jay-R Beats)
7. “Down Comes the Spaceman” Ft. Saba (Prod. by MoneyMontage)
8. “Numbers & Colors” (Prod. by Supa Bwe)
9. “Supa’s Sweater Song” (Prod. by TayMasterChef)
10. “Stolen Hearts (Thanos)” (Prod. by TayMasterChef & Lord Fubu)
11. “Clout Daddy” (Prod. by Supa Bwe)
12. “I Hate Being Alive” (Prod. by John Scott)
13. “Supa Bwe” (Prod. by Luke Almighty) (BONUS TRACK)
14. “4 Stacks” (Prod. by Luke Almighty) (BONUS TRACK)
15. “Hating On Me” Ft. UG VAVY (Prod. by UG VAVY) (BONUS TRACK)
16. “Still Can’t Find Happiness” (Thanos) (Prod. by Luke Almighty) (BONUS TRACK)

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“Down Comes the Spaceman” ft. Saba:

“Up Right Now” ft. Xavier Ömar: //

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“I Hate Being Alive”:

Dead Again 3

“Fool Wit It” ft. Chance The Rapper: