Video: Sosamann ft. Sauce Walka – “Splash 4 The Kash”

The Two Sauce Factory Emcees Act a Fool in the Video for the Sauce Eskobar Highlight, Premiered by Worldstar Hip Hop


The Song:

With his signature croak, gonzo wordplay, and outsized persona, Houston’s Sosamann is one of rap music’s most eccentric and magnetic personalities. Joining his Sauce Factory colleague Sauce Walka for a romp through a Texas-sized mansion, Sosamann flaunts his wealth in the new video for Splash 4 The Kash,premiered by Worldstar Hip Hop. A highlight from Sosamann’s Sauce Eskobar mixtape, which released in May, “Splash 4 The Kash” is a keyboard-driven banger, with massive bass and synthesized strings–an ideal canvass for the two emcees to paint with their colorful personas. As the Taylor Gang Ent. signee raps in the track’s first verse: “See the sauce a religion/Matter of fact a lifestyle/diamonds bling blaow.” With “Splash 4 The Kash,” which follows the August XXL premiere of “Runnin’ Thru,” Sosamann provides an ideal mission statement for the freewheeling Houston Sauce movement and a great introduction to the unique rapper and his style.

Already a regional star, Sosamann’s  Sauce Eskobar affirmed his place as one of H-Town’s most popular and outstanding rappers. The 15-track project is laced with witty lines, next-level ad-libs, and street tales that showcase Sosamann’s distinct energy. “As a music genre, Sauce contains high amounts of mischievousness, and SosaMann’s songs are especially disruptive,” Noisey said in a May feature on Sosamann. “”Sauce is not swag. It is not something you are scared to be doing or talking about. Sauce is freedom, and that’s the basic definition because when we talk about it we feel free… I’m in here entertaining and at this point in time I’m going to give you something to look at and that’s the Sauce, that’s the Flavor,” Sosamann explained to Noisey. “Sauce is what I’m spilling, it is what I’m dripped in. It is what splashed.” Signed to Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang label, Sosamann is dripping and splashing more sauce than ever before.

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