MP3: Sosamann – “Runnin’ Thru It” ft. Sauce Walka & Johnny Cinco

Taylor Gang’s H-Town Representative “sounds like a gold medal Olympian as he recounts running through some cash” – XXL


The Song:

Running roughshod over a backwards sample, Sauce Factory member and Houston emcee Sosamann returns with the impossibly saucy Runnin’ Thru It,” premiered today by XXL. Featuring a massive, caterwauling hook from Sosamann’s Sauce Factory colleague Sauce Walka and a commanding verse from ATL rapper Johnny Cinco, “Runnin’ Thru” is the latest loose single from Taylor Gang’s Houston representative. Asked about the origins of the track, Sosamann explained: “”Runnin Thru It” is one of the early songs we recorded in Atlanta. [Johnny Cinco] was one of the first artists to drip with the sauce from Splashlanta.” Though a lesser emcee might fade into the background of such an energetic track, Sosamann is “dripping sauce from here to Spain and everywhere in between. That’s a whole lot” and his outsized personality shines through, attacking the beat and making the most of each backwards horn chart and record scratch. Appearing on two Texas tour dates with Young Dolph this month, “Runnin’ Thru” is another quirky, turnt-up street banger from Sosamann and is sure to make a big splash at regional and national house parties.

Already a regional star, Sosamann’s  Sauce Eskobar affirmed his place as one of H-Town’s most outstanding rappers. The 15-track project is laced with witty lines, next-level ad-libs, and street tales that showcase Sosamann’s distinct energy. “As a music genre, Sauce contains high amounts of mischievousness, and SosaMann’s songs are especially disruptive,” Noisey said in a May feature on Sosamann. “Like a vintage cigarette advertisement, he interweaves menacing content and cheerful lyrics into playful templates, excitedly stacking syllables on top of each other to craft openhearted yet grimy songs.”  Dripping and splashing more sauce than ever before, Sosamann is signed to Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang label, which he describes working with as “what I expected it to be. Family.” “Sauce is not swag. It is not something you are scared to be doing or talking about. Sauce is freedom, and that’s the basic definition because when we talk about it we feel free… I’m in here entertaining and at this point in time I’m going to give you something to look at and that’s the Sauce, that’s the Flavor,” Sosamann explained to Noisey. “Sauce is what I’m spilling, it is what I’m dripped in. It is what splashed.”

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