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“Skippa Da Flippa [is] the most lyrically talented unknown to come from the trap.”HipHopDX

“I don’t understand how somebody could not be a fan.”GreatFrank’sPlace

Skippa Da Flippa may not yet be a household name, but his presence has been ubiquitous for years. Native to Palm Beach, Fla., the trap rapper was one of the pioneers of the dance move known as the dab—everyone from Hillary Clinton to Cam Newton and LeBron James has done it—as an affiliate of Migos, the Atlanta trio often credited for its cultural prominence. But Flippa was the center of the movement, a key piece to its virality that helped push ATL even further into the spotlight.

“When I was dabbing, everybody was like, bro, you look so lame,” says Skippa, born Kevin Markees Purnell. “I take it all the way back to 2013. People was calling me lame, ‘Cut that shit out.’ So really there was a time where everybody just stopped and I was the only one still [doing it]. I caught the friction, you gotta catch the friction.”

It’s not just the dab that’s made Flippa a buzzworthy name coming out of the southern hotbed of hip-hop. Over the past few years, he’s parlayed his Migos co-sign into a fruitful solo career, from releasing a string of mixtapes to dropping verses on hits like Lil Yachty’sMinnesota (Remix),” Migos and Young Thug’sCrime Stoppers,” and Jose Guapo’sRun It Up.” And it’s all happened relatively quickly, ever since unleashing his debut 2014 project I’m Havin, which got almost 750,000 hits on Live Mixtapes upon release.

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