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“Scotty ATL has been consistently dropping solid music for quite some time now, and it doesn’t look like he’s planning to stop anytime soon.” – Complex

“Scotty ATL is the ultimate blue-collar rapper that you don’t have to try and relate to—it just comes natural.” – Mass Appeal

Everything about Scotty ATL is definitively southern. From the way he positions his ‘A’ hat atop his head down to the flip-flop and socks on his feet, he’s an authentic offspring of the culture that has raised him. Hailing from the city’s eastside, Scotty ATL is the funk and soul of Outkast mixed with the political and social-consciousness of Goodie Mob, but from a perspective all his own. An utterly independent spirit with a distinct drawl and vernacular, his name embodies his persona. Scotty ATL is all things Atlanta, yet his movement is worldwide, which is neither by coincidence nor chance.

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Press Releases

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