MP3: SauceLord Rich – “Winner Time” ft. Post Malone

SauceLord Rich Drops Single From Know Me: King Wolf Featuring Post Malone


Critical Praise for SauceLord Rich:
“…he not only proves he can stand on his own, but that he can rap with the best. – Complex

As hot models roam the studio and smoke from numerous blunts in rotation fill the room, SauceLord literally makes his nocturnal vision into reality” – Vibe

The Song:

Is it cold in here or is it just SauceLord Rich? The Atlanta based producer/rapper’s assures us he’s the coldest to do it on his latest single “Winner Time.” SauceLord raps in his trademark percussive and braggadocious style over the glacially-paced, bass heavy, snare and synth beat while Post Malone, one of SauceLord’s frequent collaborators, crooning out the hazy hook. Having already risen to prominence as one half of the production duo FKi, SauceLord is now proving that he is a legitimate double-threat with just as much skill behind the mic as behind the boards. “Winner Time” is the second single from Saucelord’s upcoming album Know Me: King Wolf, following up the rock-tinged trap banger “Too Late,” whichHypetrak premiered earlier this month.

Over the past half-decade, SauceLord Rich has become known primarily for his production skills. He earned the reputation as one of the best producers in hip-hop for his work in FKi, producing hits such as “Watch Out” by 2 Chainz, “I’m Heated” by French Montana, “Make It Rain” by Travis Porter, and “Work” by Iggy Azalea. With experience engineering, mixing, and writing rhymes and hooks, SauceLord was confident in his abilities in every aspect of hip-hop and stepped into the foreground with his solo debut Know Me: SauceLord Rich in April. His upcoming follow-up album Know Me: King Wolf finds him displaying his mic skills, continuing to re-introduce himself to the world as a legitimate rapper.

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SauceLord Rich Background:

Over the past half-decade, SauceLord Rich has risen to the top as a one of hip-hop’s most reliable hit-makers. As one-half of the production team FKi, the Atlanta resident has been behind the boards for hits from Iggy Azalea (“Work”), Travis Porter (“Make It Rain”) and 2 Chainz (“White Iverson”), assisting artists with penning rhymes and writing hooks as well as engineering and mixing records. But there’s more to SauceLord than just his studio skills. Following the release of his compilation solo debut Know Me: SauceLord Rich this past April, he’s reintroducing himself to the listening public as a rapper, putting his mic skills to the test on Know Me: King Wolf, dropping September 9th. The project, which he entirely produced and mixed with his team, establishes him as a multifaceted artist, one who’s already excelled in every area he’s attempted—except in being at the foreground.


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