ALBUM: Rexx Life Raj – Father Figure

Noisey Premieres the Bay Area’s Brightest New Star’s Introspective New Project, Released Via EMPIRE


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Critical Praise:

“Rexx Life Raj is a rapper from the Bay Area with an elastic flow and a keen ear for production”Noisey

“Rexx Life Raj is a quick witted, sick flow rapper on the rise” – SF Weekly

Bay Area hip-hop’s best kept secret” – Free Bread

“Rexx Life Raj is at his best yet on ‘Young Wardell'” – HotNewHipHop

“[One] of the Bay Area’s Best New and Emerging Rap Artists”KQED

The Album:

With his sophomore release, Rexx Life Raj cements his place as one of the Bay Area’s most promising artists on Father Figure, premiered by Noisey, who praised the album as “Accessible, relatable, and deftly political” and recommended it to “anyone who likes breathing and/or good music.” Assisted by production from the likes of Bay Area producers Mikos da Gawd, Ian McKee and Julia Lewis, the 26-year-old Berkeley rapper seamlessly transitions between crooned melodies and swift bars over ambient production, displaying a unique combination of self-awareness and raw emotion that sets him apart from his counterparts. With influences ranging from Andre 3000 to Mac Mall, the presence of the Bay is evident on the project’s few guest features, with contributions from Nef the Pharoah, ymtk and Christian Crow. Released today via EMPIREFather Figure also acknowledges Rexx Life Raj’s realization of his own growing influence as an artist, and the resulting importance of his lyrical content. As he said to East Bay Express this month, “I look at music as an opportunity to spread both wisdom and knowledge to the youth. A lot of times, artists get caught up in what sounds good, and in the process they end up feeding people — mostly kids — a lot of bullshit. I don’t want to make the same mistake.”

Highlights on the album include the opening track, “OMG, the up-tempo anthem “Shit N Floss, and Rexx‘s tribute to his father, “OJW3.”  Rexx says of “OJW3,” “This is the man who gave me all the game and wisdom. Not everyone is privileged to have a father, and I was lucky enough to have a great one.” Raj’s father, a former Black Panther, showed him the beauty and challenges of being a black male growing up in America, as well as the value of hard work. Father Figure explores the most personal content yet from Rexx Life Raj, examining where he is now as the culmination of hard work and strong relationships. Father Figure is a nod to Raj being a natural-born leader or “Dad,” sharing the game and knowledge he’s accumulated as a son of racially conscious parents, as a musician, as a D1 football player, as a businessman, and as a life-long lover of learning. He tells Noisey, “This project is about growth. Growth in the music I’m doing and personal growth. It’s about giving some of the game that I’ve learned over these last few years to whoever is listening. To me, a father figure is someone you look to for guidance, someone who gives game and drops gems. That’s what I wanted to do in this project.”

Last week, Mass Appeal premiered “On Ice,” which Rexx Life Raj explained is inspired by “dope relationships where they’re more about the quality of time spent rather than the things you do. Sometimes its dope to just chill at the joint rather than going out and hitting the club or whatever.” “Handheld GPS,” which was debuted by Pigeons & Planes, explores Rexx Life Raj’s generation’s growing societal dependence on technology in addition to hardships Rexx Life Raj has faced throughout his life. “A lot of people are lost and trying to find their way. I want people to know I’ve been there.” These trials and tribulations are echoed on the timely “Young Wardell,” which was premiered by SF Weekly and is an ode to Steph Curry. Fresh off the release of Father Figure, Rexx is already looking to the future as he preps for the release of Emojigoats, a joint EP he will drop with YMTK later this year. Father Figure is available to stream on Spotify and buy on iTunes.

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Father Figure Tracklist

  1. OMG (prod. Ian McKee)
  2. Far2Easy / Vanilla Ice (feat. Christian Crow) [prod. Ian McKee & Mikos Da Gawd]
  3. Helium (prod. Ian McKee)
  4. The Plug (prod. Cisco Cortez & Ian McKee]
  5. Shit N Floss (prod. Kyle Betty)
  6. 47th Street [prod. by Ian McKee]
  7. Handheld GPS [prod. by Julia Lewis]
  8. OJW3 (Prod. by Rexx Life Raj)
  9. Young Wardell (prod. Ian McKee)
  10. Double Back (prod. Ian McKee)
  11. On Ice (ft. Ymtk) (prod. by Mikos Da God, Ekzakt, Ian McKee)
  12. Moxie Java (ft. Nef The Pharaoh) [Prod. by Eli Unorio]
  13. Father Figure  (prod. Kyle Betty)

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Rexx Life Raj Background:

From the land of the Hyphy where slaps are king and going dumb is encouraged, Berkeley, California’s Rexx Life Raj stands out by making music for the brain and the heart that’s still pleasant to the ears. Raised by a God-fearing mother and Black Panther father in the mecca of progressive politics, Raj’s music uniquely illustrates his awareness of being a young, black male while also maintaining a sense of humor and joie de vivre.


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