Video: Rexx Life Raj – “Level Up”

Debuted by NYLON, Watch Berkeley Emcee Revisit His Adolescence Through Time Travel via Telephone Booth


Critical Praise:

“[Rexx Life Raj] is for anyone who likes breathing and/or good music”Noisey

“Rexx Life Raj is one of the most impressive young MC’s in the industry right now.”XXL 

“But while many of these artists channel a revivalism — Cash Money energy for Nef, g-funk for Kamaiyah — Rexx Life Raj is content to push forward confidently into the unknown.” Mass Appeal

“Rexx Life Raj (yeah, it’s a mouthful) is the up-and-coming Bay Area artist to know.” SF Weekly

“Trivial daily details get painted with a generous eye and addressed in smooth tones on songs that feel like falling into a pile of pillows. Raj is perceptive, empathetic, and open about his feelings; he’s also quick to tackle the tropes of contemporary rap with a winking eye.” – Noisey

The Video:

Rhyming joyous energy and deep introspection, Rexx Life Raj invites listeners to sit shotgun on his journey of musical self-discovery. Getting biographical in his new music video, Raj shares Level Up,” an engaging tour through the various stages of the rapper’s life. Opening with toy keyboards and clicking percussion, “Level Up” is a soul-sampling banger, with an infectious, pitch-manipulated hook from the Berkeley emcee. Premiered with an interview by NYLON, the video opens with childhood Raj, fooling around with music and discovering his creativity, before he enters a mysterious phone booth and is transported to his high school years, where he works on his rhymes and pines for the attention of a beautiful girl. The video continues through Raj’s time as an offensive lineman at Boise State, through his present as an in-demand rapper performing in front of a crowd. Produced by Kyle Betty, Drew Banga & DTB, “Level Up” is an ebullient, sax-inflected highlight from Father Figure 2: Flourish, his latest album, which hit stores on November 17th.

A deeply soulful singer and a talented rhymer, Rexx Life Raj cuts a unique figure in the world of hip-hop, combining probing lyricism with a supernatural sense of melody, all laid over innovative electronic soundscapes. Since the release of Father Figure in June 2016, Raj generated more than 20 million streams on all platforms and gained a devoted following on Instagram for his next-level captions. In the past year, he earned glowing press coverage from Billboard, Pigeons & Planes, Pitchfork, Noisey, and XXL, and earned the cover spot on Spotify’s Mellow Bars playlist with his single “Handheld GPS,” which earned over 4 million streams on the service. Rexx Life Raj has collaborated with the likes of G-EazyMozzy, Nef The Pharaoh (who frequently calls Raj his favorite rapper), Mursymtk,Goapele, and many others, earning over 1 million plays on his Russ-collaboration “Waiting For You,” which sits prominently on Spotify’s Bedroom Jams playlist. More recently, Rexx Life Raj earned co-signs from big names that carry weight, such as Scott Storch and Pharrell Williams, who joined Raj on stage at ComplexCon. His recent single “Where I Belong,” a highlight from Father Figure 2: Flourish, is included on Spotify’s Most Necessary playlist. With Father Figure 2: Flourish, distributed by EMPIRE, Rexx Life Raj will hope to realize his commercial ambitions while further establishing his reputation as one of the most original and accomplished artists around.

Watch “Level Up”:

Check out the NYLON interview and premiere:

Listen to Father Figure 2: Flourish

Father Figure 2: Flourish tracklist:

  1. 2Free [prod. Mikos Da Gawd]
  2. Where I Belong [prod. JULiA LEWiS]
  3. Level Up [prod. Kyle Betty, Drew Banga & DTB]
  4. Lowkey Lovesong (feat. Iman Europe) [prod. JULiA LEWiS]
  5. Paradise [prod. Ian McKee]
  6. Never Had Shit/ Feels [prod. Mike Gao / Kyle Betty]
  7. Fiji [prod. Kyle Betty]
  8. More Than Enough [Prod. Kyle Betty, Drew Banga & Wax Roof]
  9. Neighborhood Dopeman [prod. Kyle Betty]
  10. Forever Lit (feat. G-Eazy) [prod. JULiA LEWiS & Mikos Da Gawd]
  11. The Otherside [prod. Jon Brooks]
  12. More Love [prod. Ian McKee]
  13. Not My friend [prod. Cisco Cortez, Mr. Carmack, Ian McKee, Wax Roof & Mikos Da Gawd]
  14. Ventilation pt. 3 [prod. ian mcKee & kev choice]
  15. Burn Baby Burn (feat. Russ) [prod. Cisco Cortez & Evan Ma]

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The Background:
Rexx Life Raj:

From the land of the Hyphy where slaps are king and going dumb is encouraged, Berkeley, California’s Rexx Life Raj stands out by making music for the brain and the heart that’s still pleasant to the ears. Raised by a God-fearing mother and Black Panther father in the mecca of progressive politics, Raj’s music uniquely illustrates his awareness of being a young, black male while also maintaining a sense of humor and joie de vivre.

EMPIRE Background:

EMPIRE was founded in 2010 as an artist-friendly, progressive digital distribution company. After early success, and identifying future icons such as Kendrick Lamar, Sage The Gemini, and Rich Homie Quan, EMPIRE was quickly regarded as a tastemaker in the industry and throughout the past five years evolved into a full-fledged record label, distributor and publisher for independent musicians. With the company and roster growing at a breakneck pace, EMPIRE has effectively disrupted a stale business model by bringing its energy, expertise, and acumen to its artists and labels. Given its reputation, EMPIRE works with today’s hottest talent from superstars such as T.I. and red-hot newcomers such as Anderson .Paak. While remaining 100% independent, EMPIRE has also partnered with Atlantic Records for a joint venture, home to breakout star D.R.A.M. and joined forces with Republic Records for the release of Sage The Gemini’s Remember Me album.


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“Level Up”:

Father Figure 2: Flourish

“Forever Lit” ft. G-Eazy:

“Where I Belong”: //

“Burn Baby Burn” ft. Russ:

“2Free”: //

“Freedom Love” ft. Goapele (Prod. Kyle Betty):


“Handheld GPS”: //

Father Figure:

Listen to “On Ice” ft. ymtk (Prod. by Mikos Da Gawd, Ian McKee, and Ekzakt):

“Young Wardell”:

“Moxie Java” ft. Nef The Pharaoh:

“Shit ‘N Floss”:

“Yellow Brick Road”:

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