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spacer Video: Roach Gigz - "Goomba Pimpin/Kirplunk" 09.02.2010
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The Video:

By popular demand, Roach Gigz keeps things fresh and unpredictable, combing two amusing songs, "Goomba Pimpin" and "Kirplunk", from off his latest project, the Roachy Balboa mixtape. The concept and tone of this quirky video is the brainchild of Gigz, creating the entire video treatment for the first time himself and shooting the video with longtime collaborator, filmmaker Aris Jerome.

"I want people to have fun and live life as good as they can. Life is too serious to be serious all the time," says Gigz. He conveys this outlook with creative, straightforward, yet comical lyrics that provide the scenes in this video with amusing commentary like, "Ok/ I want my funnel long/ forget the short cake/ I'm on a tour date/ Tryna fill mine go work on your plate/I said hey whore like her name was jorge/ this rap shit really make girls adore me." The songs are easy and upbeat, with Gigz flowing over them with a seemingly effortless skill and light attitude that shows how much fun Gigz had in creating the songs and the video. With heavy themes in tracks like "Magic Gas" and "Pop Off", both also previously released from off the Roachy Balboa mixtape, the "Goomba Pimpin/Kirplunk" video is a welcomed change of pace that does its job, it entertains and inspires a chuckle or two...or three.

Check out the video for "Goomba Pimpin/Kirplunk":

Download Roachy Balboa from Roach's website:

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The Background:

Selected as one of 106 KMEL's Top 10 Freshman Rappers of the Bay Area, 21-year-old San Francisco native Roach Gigz has gone from virtually unknown to one of the hottest artists on the West Coast in just four years. Born and raised in the Bay Area Roach was conceived in Nicaragua during the Contra and Sandinista war. His father was a supporter of the Sandinista Liberation Front and has never lived in the United States but Roach's mom moved to California and raised him as a single mother. Needless to say his upbringing was very complex so being a white rapper in a predominantly Black and Latin dominated business is not an issue for Roach. "I'm just being myself and I think my fans see that. It ain't about race; it's about the music."

Named after a combination of the character Roach from the movie Next Friday and his high school days dancing skills, Roach Gigz first gained local fame with close friend Lil 4Tay as one half of the group Bitch I Go (B.I.G.). Now, with two successful mixtapes under his belt Roach is currently preparing his debut album, tentatively titled Therapy Sessions, which is scheduled to be released this fall. The album is shaping up to be a very personal one. Roach says the music will touch on the ups and downs of his life from the struggles he's been through growing up in the Bay to the birth of his newborn son.

"Goomba Pimpin/Kirplunk"

"Magic Gas"

"Respect It"

"Pop Off"

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