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spacer News: Roc Marciano Named VP and Director of A&R of Man Bites Dog Records 04.02.2013
spacer The Two Independent Powerhouses Announce A Partnership That Also Promises New Releases From Marciano spacer

(April 2nd, 2013 - New York, NY) Man Bites Dog Records is excited to announce that rapper Roc Marciano will join the label in the role of Vice President and Director of A&R. The partnership brings together one of rap's most respected independent artists with a label renowned as a driving force behind quality independent music.

Over the past several years, Man Bites Dog Records, headed by label founder R.M.L., has established a dominant presence in the music world, serving as a springboard for some of the most talented artists in independent hip-hop, with releases from Killah Priest, Vast Aire, Copywrite, Double A.B., and more. That string of notable releases has continued over the past 12 months, including albums from Stu Bangas & Vanderslice, MHz Legacy, and others. This spring's offerings will include an EP, Horsepower, from Eddie B. & Harry Fraud, Illogic & Blockhead's collaborative LP, Capture The Sun, and break-out rapper Hayze's The Smoker's Section mixtape. But perhaps most vitally, Man Bites Dog Records will release Roc Marciano's next project, Marci Beaucoup.

"I know fans are really excited about that project," says R.M.L. about Marci Beaucoup, "and for good reason, too. What I've heard so far is next level." In his new role, Marciano, who has guested on a number of previous Man Bites Dog albums, will also continue to be featured on label releases. "You can count on some very dope guest spots from Roc on some of our newer projects coming out," says R.M.L.

While there's plenty to be excited about for fans anticipating new music from Marciano, this partnership is as much about what Marciano can offer in the board room as in the vocal booth. "I think having Roc as an owner and an adviser to the label is a smart investment for both brands," explains R.M.L. "He is very savvy with how he brands himself, and that's something we can really learn from."

Marciano will take on a variety of leadership responsibilities in his new role with Man Bites Dog Records, including signing new talent, offering repertoire and marketing insight, and offering his input throughout the label’s production process. "He brings an ear for music to the table and I think that makes him an amazing judge of talent," says R.M.L. "He knows what it takes to make classic material."

More info on Man Bites Dog Records can be found on the label's newly launched website:

Please contact Michelle or Dan if interested in talking with Roc Marciano or R.M.L. of Man Bites Dog Records.

The Background:

Passionate about music and with an ear for discovering great talent, RML formed Man Bites Dog Records in 2005 in Northern Virginia, a few short miles from Washington DC. In an area dominated by GoGo Music, it was the goal of MBDR to offer an avenue for local hip-hop talent. The label quickly grew beyond the confines of the local scene, however, as MBDR began to release project from the likes of Copywrite, Vast Aire, and others. Since then, it has been MBDR's goal to sign artists who create classic music - music that stands the test of time - in genres ranging from underground New York hip-hop to funky pop. Currently, MBDR's roster includes Killah Priest, Copywrite, Vast Aire, MHz Legacy, Jakki da Motamouth, Stu Bangas & Vanderslice, Esoteric, Wais P, Bronze Nazareth, Crimison Gods, Kount Fif, Empuls, Last Bison, Jason Rose, Brink, Red Mud, Sinista Daniro, Dom, Jay Notes, and The Swashbuckler. In 2013, Man Bites Dog Records announced a partnership with Roc Marciano with the the rapper joining the label as Vice President and Head of A&R.

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