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spacer Free Album: hasHBrown - Break Something 11.30.2011
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The Album:

Today, hasHBrown is excited to release his new album, Break Something. In an attempt to most effectively reach the entirety of his fan base, the Houston-based rapper/producer is offering the project as both a free download, and for sale through his Bandcamp (for $5) or iTunes, allowing listeners easy access to the music, while also giving those who'd like to support hasH the opportunity to do so.

Despite the month-long lead-up to the album's release, Break Something is a project that's been in the works for much longer. "For the last two years almost, I've been working on Break Something, song by song," explains hasHBrown. "Since I first started I've taken several breaks from its completion." And for hasH, his hard work and dedication - his understanding the value of patience - has resulted in album that truly meets his vision.

The album's title, Break Something, draws from hasH's feelings on hip-hop, towards his city, and his own inner frustrations from trying to make it in the music industry. "The album is about breaking away from people's expectations, about fighting for an identity of your own," explains hasH. "From parents, to friends, to media everyone projects what they think you should be at some point in time. The LP is about shattering all of those forced identities and staying on your own path."

For the album, hasH, who produces under the moniker Jett I. Masstyr, kicked things off with a slew of his own beats, but eventually reached out to producers including Vango One, Chris Rockaway, Tommy Bumps, and Free of The Niceguys who were active on many of the standout tracks. hasH’s most recent single, "This Is It," features vocals from Dannie Walker and finds the MC displaying versatility outside of his realm, while "My Island" features hasH reflecting on life's conflictions with vocal assistance from John Dew and Nya. Elsewhere,"The Restoration" reflects back on the album's title, with hasH rebuilding all that he has broken down. "Sometimes," notes hasH, "you need to destroy and rebuild it to be better than what it was before."

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About hasHBrown:

Hailing from Houston, hasHBrown (aka producer Jett I. Masstyr) dabbles in double duties as both emcee and producer. He got his start in 2003, rapping in the collective The Council, alongside other locals John Dew and Hip-Phonix. Riding off the buzz from their 2005 EP Black Bleach, hasHBrown began his solo endeavor, dropping various mixtapes until this past February when he dropped his Relationsh*t EP, considered by fans and critics as his best work to date. Now, hasHBrown will release Break Something, a dramatically different work where the rapper/producer strays from soul samples and ventures more into the world of rock and funk. Break Something, which features guests like Guilty Simpson, Dustin Prestige, Dannie Walker, and John Dew, will be available for free download November 30th.


Break Something:

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