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spacer Album Stream: Constant Deviants – Diamond LP 11.20.2012
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The Album:

Constant Deviants is excited to give fans a chance to listen to their new album, Diamond. The full-length release, which will be available at retail (both on vinyl and digitally) this coming January, is now available to fans digital-only, via Constant Deviant's label, Six2Six Records.

The Brooklyn-meets-Baltimore duo has been hard at work on Diamond for over a year now, a process that began with last year's Platinum: The Mixtape release. And while that project found rapper M.I. and producer DJ Cutt doing their thing over some of the industry's most popular and classic beats, Diamond is a return to true form for Constant Deviants – a project that falls not only in line with recent fan-favorite singles like "Fulton Street" (which appears on Diamond), but also in line with the music that the duo has been releasing since they first began working together in a mid-1990s – and have remained true to over a 15-year period that has seen stints with major labels like Arista Records and collaborations with high profile acts like N.O.R.E.

Last week, in announcing today's digital-only release, Constant Deviants released the album's lead single, "Gangster Boogie," a smooth, soul-sample-flipping anthem, and today, Constant Deviants are now giving fans a chance to check out what the full album sounds like, a level of quality that the duo feels stands in accordance with the title of the album. "We went with Diamond because of its rarity and preciousness," says M.I. "Also, Diamonds last forever and have and always will be sought after."

For the duo, rejoining forces last year after ten years of being apart, the album also reflects strong levels of growth, both individually and as a collective. "I believe the separation helped us grow, because we brought back stuff we learned from working with others," explains M.I. of the on-again-off-again dynamic, "but we went back to our original flavor and it worked out awesome. I believe or music will just continue to get better, and, God willing, we will continue to learn."

Download Diamond here:

Listen to lead single "Gangster Boogie" here:

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The Background:

In the world of hip-hop, a name carries the weight of an entire career. It's the brand, the logo, but most importantly the mission of the group. For Constant Deviants, it's a title that has grown with them over time: constantly changing, departing from the norm. Forming their own imprint SIX2SIX Records in 2009, the group consists of the traditional MC and DJ combination with M.I. (Mr. Impossible) on the microphone and D.J. CUTT behind the tables and beats. With their sights currrently set on the 2012 release of their newest project Diamond, the Deviants are preparing fans for the unheralded return of real rap music with the album's precursor, entitled Platinum: The Mixtape, available now for free download via Bandcamp.

Diamond LP:

"Gangster Boogie":

Allnighter EP

"Sun, Moon, And Stars":



"Won't Stop":


"Walk Of Fame":


"Fulton Street":

Platinum: The Mixtape:

"Gotta Get Paid (Remix)":

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