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spacer MP3: Constant Deviants – "Gangster Boogie" 11.13.2012
spacer New LP, Diamond, Announced For November 20 Release; "Gangster Boogie" Serves As Lead Single spacer

The Song:

Constant Deviants, the Brooklyn-meets-Baltimore duo comprised of rapper M.I. and producer DJ Cutt, have a career that dates back to the mid-90s and includes major label deals and collaborations with the likes of N.O.R.E., Roc-A-Fella Records, and more along the way. Utilizing their experience in the industry, Constant Deviants started their own label, Six2Six Records, in 2009, and haven't looked back since, using their own imprint as a means to cultivate their signature sound that has since spanned countless vinyl releases and the release of their Platinum mixtape in 2011. Now, after months of work writing, recording, and refining, Constant Deviants are finally ready to unveil their latest album, Diamond, which will be released next week, on November 20th.

Today, to celebrate the unveiling of the new album, Constant Deviants are releasing the album's official first single, "Gangster Boogie." The song, a fully in-house construction produced by DJ Cutt, is complete with '90s hip-hop references that starts with it's familiar, and fan-favorite, sample heard on the beat. "The beat just had a real cool feel to it," says M.I., remarking on his inspiration for the song, which M.I. says is one of the final songs that he and Cutt recorded for the album. "The minute I heard it, I heard that 'gangsta boogie' for the hook."

Constant Deviants has long paid homage to the true school of hip-hop from which they came up, and "Gangster Boogie" picks up where previous tracks like "Gotta Get Paid (Remix)" and "Fulton Street" left off, with slick wordplay and pointed references ("Jam Master Jay asked me why I walk this way/ I run the house every 30 days sucka MC's pay") that let's listeners know exactly what Constant Deviants are about. "I think just about everyone is sick of the garbage coming out these days," remarks M.I. "This is our first statement from the album, something to let people know that Six2Six Records is turning it up and giving good rap music some shine again."

Download "Gangster Boogie" here:

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The Background:

In the world of hip-hop, a name carries the weight of an entire career. It's the brand, the logo, but most importantly the mission of the group. For Constant Deviants, it's a title that has grown with them over time: constantly changing, departing from the norm. Forming their own imprint SIX2SIX Records in 2009, the group consists of the traditional MC and DJ combination with M.I. (Mr. Impossible) on the microphone and D.J. CUTT behind the tables and beats. With their sights currrently set on the 2012 release of their newest project Diamond, the Deviants are preparing fans for the unheralded return of real rap music with the album's precursor, entitled Platinum: The Mixtape, available now for free download via Bandcamp.

"Gangster Boogie":

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