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The Song:

Upon hearing a remix of Lana Del Rey's "Summertime Sadness" by Canadian DJ and producer Ryan Hemsworth, San Francisco based rapper A-1 knew the track was perfectly suited to his unexpectedly somber reminiscing on real life summertime experiences. With a production style that he describes as piling "a whole bunch of aggressiveness and energy on top" of an already gloomy record, the Hemsworth remix allowed A-1 to explore themes of unrest, crime and violence among young people in the city that are often amplified by the brutal heat, long days and ample free time that summer provides.

While most people associate summertime and summer themed music with beaches, sunshine, parties and swimming pools, A-1 recalls two stories of gun violence brought about in the blistering heat of long days and nights. He describes a very true reality of life in the city, "When it's hot outside the kids are out of school, people have too much time on their hands, people are irritable, people need money, the crime rate goes up...when you think about it, that's kind of where violence comes from...too much energy and not enough positivity to channel it."

Having explored these issues in his previous work - last year his music video for his song "Double Dose" was shot in various locations throughout San Francisco during the Giants World Series Riot - A-1 continues to provide a commentary about social issues facing young people in his community, this time aided by collaborator Sam Woostaar, who recorded, mixed and mastered the track as well as provided the artwork. And at a time when gun violence perpetrated by young people particularly spotlighted in the media, "Summer Sadness" couldn't be more relevant.

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The Background:

Born Adam Traore, a first generation US citizen to West African and Italian parents, A-1’s music is constructed around vivid stories of growing up in The City while searching for happiness and self awareness. Regardless of whether a song is catered to be the perfect back drop to a night of raging, or a thought provoking opportunity for reflection, the music always remains true to A-1’s personal experiences.  Driven by a desire to be an inherently good person in a morally complex society, A-1's positivity shines brightly throughout his body of work. His goal is to put himself in a position to help others, starting with himself, his family, and his community, but the rest of the country and world are not too far from his sights either.

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