Peewee Longway

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“He can make bangers better than most of the competition.” – Complex
“Peewee Longway is one of the most talented yet slept on rappers from Atlanta in recent time.” – XXL

Peewee Longway, born Quincy Williams, is an Atlanta based artist known for his unorthodox flow and extraordinary use of intonation. Hailing from the tough streets of South Atlanta, Peewee, as his friends refer to him, grew up in a single parent home with one brother and one sister. Regardless of the obstacles he was presented with Peewee Longway still found a way to persevere and becomeknown as one of Atlanta’s most revered lyrical new artists. His debut mixtape Money, Pounds, Ammunition was released in March of 2013. Though most became familiar with Peewee Longway from his affiliation with his mentor, and close friend, Gucci Mane’s label 1017, he actually nurtured and created his own imprint, MPA Bandcamp Music Group. The next release, Running Around the Lobby, picked up steam and earned Peewee loyal fans that call themselves “Lobby Runners”. In turn this became the name to the third mixtape he put out that same year, in December of 2013.Read more

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