Rising Artist ODIE Announces Genre-Blending Analogue Album, Releasing April 6th

The Canadian-Born, SoCal-Based Artist Shares the Minimalist “North Face” Single via This Song Is Sick as He Prepares to Open for Aminé on His Canadian Tour


Critical Praise for Odie:

“Odie’s sonic lineage is traceable, but the end result is distinctly unique: Not many twenty-somethings can rival his range, which encompasses everything from stunts and flexes to heavenly melodies” Pigeons & Planes

“At just 19 years old, Toronto-born producer and artist Odie is transforming the contemporary sound of hip-hop. Not bound by genre, Odie experiments with traditional hip-hop, jazz, soul, alternative rock and afrobeat.”Okayafrica

“Odie’s voice is just sooo good and his songwriting is as enjoyable. He has a smooth falsetto that compliments moments of his deeper singing voice in the best way as he puts his talents on full display.” – This Song Is Sick

“Odie blesses us with the most bone chilling of soul cuts, that gives us goosebumps on even the finest of summer days” – Earmilk

The Announcement:

Drawing from a wide range of disparate influences, Nigerian-Canadian artist ODIE pioneers a style all to his own. Preparing a formidable batch of post-genre urban music, ODIE announces Analogue, his debut album. Combining Fela Kuti’s syncopation and energy, with Coldplay’s atmospheric sounds and Kid CuDi’s rhythmic vocal style and lyrical conviction,  Analogue is a fully-formed effort for the 21-year-old artist. Alternating soft singing and percussive rhyming throughout, Analogue is a diverse and warm listening experience, equally suited to background listening or headphones absorption. Distributed by EMPIREAnalogue releases on April 6th.

Analogue is sort of my coming of age story,” explains ODIE. “2018 is the year where my fans will be fully introduced to who I am as an artist and as a human, flaws and all. In the past, I’ve just given glimpses.I see myself as an analogue artist in a digital age.”

Born and raised in Toronto to a family of Nigerian immigrants, ODIE springs from a diverse musical background. In 2017, ODIE’s inimitable sound started to make waves around the industry, releasing singles such as “Trance Dance,” which has over 1 million plays on Spotify and featured prominently on the Mellow Bars playlist, and “Crescendo,” an innovative ballad with more than 764,000 plays on Spotify. In January, ODIE shared Analogue‘s lead single, the gorgeous Little Lies,” featured in a recent article by Pigeons & Planes, and reteamed with P&P to premiere “Faith, a propulsive single that mixes ambient, Afrobeat, and hip-hop.

To accompany the album announcement, ODIE shares North Face,” an effortless-sounding jam for a lazy Sunday. A sweetly-sung song about daydreaming, love, and doing nothing at all, “North Face” rides a flangey, guitar-strummed R&B chord progression as ODIE switches between angelic falsetto and breathy rhymes. Premiered by This Song Is Sick“North Face” is a sun-drenched single for the spring season. Fans of “North Face” and ODIE’s other standout singles will have the opportunity to see ODIE live opening for Aminé, who tapped the young artist for the Canadian dates of his TourForYou, spanning from March 24th-March 28th.

Pre-order Analoguehttps://empire.lnk.to/ANALOGUE

Listen to “Northface”: https://soundcloud.com/odiexyz/northface/s-iIWSd // https://empire.lnk.to/Northface

Check out the This Song Is Sick premiere: http://thissongissick.com/post/odie-north-face-premiere

See ODIE live on Aminé’s TourForYou:

Please contact Michelle or Dharmic for more info.

The Background:

“I see myself as an analogue artist in a digital age,” says ODIE. The 21-year-old creative carries himself differently than most of today’s musicians. Seemingly any time he releases new music, he achieves well over 500,000 plays on Soundcloud or Spotify. In just a short span of going public with his art, the Toronto-raised, and California-based vocalist/producer has released only a handful of songs. However all of this is set to change. After just seven songs released to the public (including 2017’s “Trance Dance”), ODIE readies his debut project. “It’s sort of my coming of age story,” he notes. “2018 is the year where my fans will be fully introduced to who I am as an artist and as a human, flaws and all. In the past, I’ve just given glimpses.” Now, listeners new and familiar will get “the most evolved” version of the artist with the captivating voice and versatile songs built on rhythm, melody, and universal songwriting. The project will evolve in real-time and colorful sounds, just like the story behind this mysterious and refreshing musician.


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“Northface”:”Faith”: https://soundcloud.com/odiexyz/faith // Empire.lnk.to/Faith 


“Faith”: https://soundcloud.com/odiexyz/faith|| Empire.lnk.to/Faith || https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGu70Ahr63I

“Little Lies”: https://soundcloud.com/odiexyz/little-lies // https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/little-lies-single/1325835422

“Crescendo”: https://soundcloud.com/odiexyz/crescendo 

“Trance Dance”: https://soundcloud.com/odiexyz/trance-dance