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Fully Recovered From a Near-Fatal Car Crash, the UK Rapper Preps #GrimeGutsAndGlory, Shares New Single via Paper Magazine


Critical Praise for Nolay:

“The personal aspect of her narrative reveals a complex experience and uniquely female identity that stands apart from her counterparts” – HighSnobiety

The Song:

Well known in her native UK, fiery emcee Nolay prepares for her American invasion with hyperative new single “Pressure, produced by Kid D. The track premiered today via Paper Mag, who said Nolay “is for sure a force to be reckoned with,” adding, “Positing herself as the heir-apparent to Godfathers of Grime, Wiley and Dizzee Rascal, ‘Pressure’ sees the artist taking the classic 8-bar format to a whole new level.” The second single from #GrimeGutsAndGloryNolay’s debut stateside release, “Pressure” finds Nolay weaving impressive wordplay over a hybrid Grime/Trap beat, her accent creating unexpected assonance throughout: “It’s hilarious mate, I’m cryin’/Various areas, I am flyin’/I’m notorious, not inglorious with some warriors.”

“Writing the track was pretty straightforward. It tends to be that way for me when I’m looking for a release. And when I wrote ‘Pressure’ I definitely was looking for a release,” Nolay explained to Paper Mag. “Creatively, me and Kid D get on like a house on fire.” Speaking on sexism in Grime, Nolay says, “We are in a male-dominated scene, so when it comes to the ratio of male spitters in comparison to the ratio of female spitters there aren’t a lot. But they dominate in numbers and that’s it. You can’t dominate me, [unless we’re talking just numbers]. I’m going to shine anytime I touch a mic and it’s down to every female that wants to spit to make sure they do the same.” The UK artist has been hitting American radars with her Noisey-premiered Demons, a short documentary about Nolay’s use of her music to cope with mental health issues. At the top of the month, Highsnobiety premiered the video for “Gotta Love It,” which REVOLT called a “hardened Grime track with bars that bite as hard as any stateside MC could deliver.”

On April 24th, Nolay found herself in critical condition after suffering a terrible car crash. Nolay’s legion of fans and admirers in the music community flooded social media with messages of support and soon #PrayForNolay trended worldwide on Twitter. Fueled by the public support and prayers, Nolay made a full recovery, returning from the experience stronger than ever. Known in the UK for her brash, fiery lyricism and songwriting ability, Nolay is a pioneer in the Grime genre. She began her career during the first Grime boom in 2004 as a member of the group Unorthodox and soon made her name for herself with hit singles such as “Unorthodox Daughter.” Nolay currently stars in the UK television series Top Boy (Drake is a fan), cementing her status as a quadruple threat: she writes, raps, sings AND acts. With her forthcoming EP #GrimeGutsAndGlory, Nolay looks to make major waves in the United States with her raw, clever lyrics and rapidfire flow. #GrimeGutsAndGlory releases June 10th.

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Nolay Background:

British artist Nolay proves longevity is attainable for an independent artist. Rapper/Songwriter NoLay burst onto the scene as part of the group Unorthodox in 2004 with big records like “No Help Or Handouts”, which allowed fans to become acquainted with her preference for raw lyrics, innovative rhyme schemes, and gritty swag that would undoubtedly leave an impression on the grime & UK rap scene forever. Nolay fused her edgy innovative style and sexy essence together to cement her niche and pay homage to artists who influenced her most such as Big L, Big Pun, Nas, Styles P and The Notorious B.I.G.


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