EP: Nevelle Viracocha – Eff/Pee/Ohh

Short For “For Promo Only,” the Rapper, Singer, Producer Displays His Southern and International Roots



Critical Praise:

“Nevelle Viracocha, a rapper/singer/producer who hails from a small town in Alabama, is ready to shift things again.” – Pigeons and Planes

“If you’re making music like Nevelle Viracocha, you’re one step ahead of the game by making your fans feel the music hundreds of miles away.”Mass Appeal

The Project:

“Who the fuck is this dude” and “highly recommended” are a few words that have been used to describe this “new and very promising” Alabama rapper via Jeff Weiss of Passion of the Weiss. With an inimitable Southern drawl, an ability for working hooks seamlessly into well-crafted songs, and a global perspective gained from years of traveling, Nevelle Viracocha is a precocious and promising young talent. After building a devoted following releasing quality singles such as “Double Up,” the Alabama-bred emcee treats us to Eff/Pee/Ohh, his debut EP, and “a nine song raw slab of tangled slang and country fried slaps” according to Passion of the Weiss, who premiered the album. A versatile effort with deep, Southern-fried production and influences from the likes of OutKast, Three Six Mafia, and Big K.R.I.T.,Eff/Pee/Ohh, or FPO, short for For Promo Only, is an inviting taste of Nevelle Viracocha’s prodigious abilities behind the mic and of his unique artistic sensibility and vision. Premiered by [publication], the 9-track EP is a cohesive and impressive statement, produced by Nevelle and a tight-knit cadre in-house producers, and a fully-formed release from a young artist who already knows exactly who he is and what he wants to say.

Explains Nevelle Viracocha: “[eff-pee-ohh] aka FPO can be looked at as somewhat of an appetizer platter of my music. Sometimes as an artist you caught up in the struggle of just getting a project out. FPO is me simply saying “HERE”, this is a small taste of what I have to offer in the meantime. This project was cultivated organically and in private, working only with in house producers whom I’ve built relationships with over the years.”

Prior to the album’s release, Nevelle graced the internet with early releases for some of the album’s highlights, including hustler’s anthem “Double Up, which came out this summer, spaced-out slapper “DIRRTY GAME,”which Pigeons & Planes called “intergalactic Southern music,” and the emotional,Mass Appeal-premiered video for “ON ME.” Born to military parents in North Carolina, Nevelle and his family lived in several cities, states, and continents during his childhood. Nevelle most strongly identifies with the American South, as his parents are Southern and he spent his formative years in a small town in Alabama. In addition to Alabama and North Carolina, Nevelle spent ample time coming of age in glittering, metropolitan cities in Germany and South Korea, where he came into his own as an artist. Out today viaEMPIREEff/Pee/Ohh EP is available for purchase on iTunes and stream on Spotify.

Buy Eff/Pee/Ohhhttps://itunes.apple.com/us/album/eff-pee-ohh/id1157189065

Stream Eff/Pee/Ohh: https://soundcloud.com/nevelleviracocha/sets/eff-pee-ohh //https://open.spotify.com/album/2cGolrIcjaW9u35uGYrFil

Check out Passion of the Weiss’ premiere: http://www.passionweiss.com/2016/10/06/nevelle-viracocha-eff-pee-ohh/

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Nevelle Viracocha Background

People often knock Southern hip-hop for being simplistic, overlooking the fact that the South possesses one of the most creative lineages ever in hip-hop—that of the space-age artist, started by the ATLiens of Outkast and continued through extraterrestrial Cadillactica with Big K.R.I.T from Mississippi . Whenever an artist emerges in that mold—able to sing, rap, and produce music in such a way that brings one back to that interstellar headspace—they’re worth paying attention to. Nevelle Viracocha has released two music videos and a handful of songs so far, but they’re enough to suggest he’s a powerful new talent with a story to tell.

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Eff/Pee/Ohh: iTunes // SoundCloud // Spotify

“ON ME”: https://youtu.be/uWlVgpNmVfo

“DIRRTY GAME”: https://soundcloud.com/nevelleviracocha/dirrty-game/s-ytIpB

“Double Up”: https://youtu.be/yYH_hlircic