Song: Nevelle Viracocha – “ON ME”

The Globe-Trotting Southern Rapper Carries the Weight of the World on His Shoulders in the Mass Appeal-Premiered Clip


Critical Praise:

“Nevelle Viracocha, a rapper/singer/producer who hails from a small town in Alabama, is ready to shift things again.” – Pigeons and Planes

“If you’re making music like Nevelle Viracocha, you’re one step ahead of the game by making your fans feel the music hundreds of miles away.”Mass Appeal

The Song:

Nevelle Viracocha is not your run of the mill Southern rapper. Born in North Carolina and raised in Alabama, he is fluent in the South’s style and aesthetics, but also adds in a unique global perspective that comes from living abroad during his military-brat childhood. This is all readily apparent in “ON ME,” his video premiered today by Mass Appeal. In front of a house and in a prison abandoned due to a fire, Nevelle raps with urgency and emphasis over the spacy bass-heavy beat, reminding us that it is all on him. “On Me” is the latest single from Nevelle’s upcoming EP Eff/Pee/Ohh, releasing October 7th. The video follows up the Nikki D produced spaced-out Southern rap slapper “DIRRTY GAME” and “Double Up,” where he shows off a double-time flow over an apocalyptic, herky-jerk trap beat. Eff/Pee/Ohh is a nine-track taste of what the world can expect from the gifted upstart.

Born in North Carolina to military parents with deployments all over the world, Nevelle moved around a lot. The son of two Southern-born parents, Nevelle most strongly identifies with the American South, especially the small Alabama town where he spent his pre-teen years. In addition to his formative years in Alabama and North Carolina, Nevelle spent ample time coming of age in glittering, metropolitan cities in Germany and South Korea. Nevelle came into his own as an artist while living in South Korea, and he is eager to show the world what he is made of. “Eff/Pee/Ohh, or FPO, stands for ‘For Promo Only,'” says Nevelle about his upcoming EP’s title. “FPO can be looked at as an appetizer platter of my music. Sometimes as an artist you caught up in the struggle of just getting a project out. FPO is me simply saying ‘HERE.’ This is a small taste of what I have to offer in the meantime.” Though he has not yet released much music to the public, Nevelle Viracocha’s talent is undeniable and will bring him a legion of new fans in the coming months.

Eff/Pee/Oh releases this Friday, October 7th.

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Nevelle Viracocha Background

People often knock Southern hip-hop for being simplistic, overlooking the fact that the South possesses one of the most creative lineages ever in hip-hop—that of the space-age artist, started by the ATLiens of Outkast and continued through extraterrestrial Cadillactica with Big K.R.I.T from Mississippi . Whenever an artist emerges in that mold—able to sing, rap, and produce music in such a way that brings one back to that interstellar headspace—they’re worth paying attention to. Nevelle Viracocha has released two music videos and a handful of songs so far, but they’re enough to suggest he’s a powerful new talent with a story to tell.

Empire Background

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