MP3/News: Luke-O – “Cows & Crocodiles/Crocodile Rock” + Mixtape Announcement

Earth, Wind, & Fire, Elton John Sampled in the 4th Single From Forthcoming Lacoste Bo$$ Mixtape, Southwest PA Rapper Lists His Top Mafia Films, Albums



Critical Praise for Moola Gang Ca$h Cow$

Three 6-indebted rap that sounds like the soundtrack to dudes fighting…”Noisey

“…there is plenty of quirky humor and rhyming throughout.”The Smoking Section

“…Moola Gang crew have been a force to be reckoned with in the southwest, PA scene for a while now.”Jenesis Magazine

The Songs & News:

With his Lacoste Bo$$ mixtape releasing next Tuesday, September 2, Luke-O shares the cover art and tracklist via Jenesis Magazine. As seen on the front cover, the Pittsburgh rapper has been repping the Lacoste brand since birth. “My family brought Lacoste to southwest PA,” he says. “My Uncle TJ was a partner of a clothing store named Daniels in Uniontown, PA in the 80’s. Back in the day when there was no blogs and the net wasn’t popping, you had to go to NY and see what was ‘in’ and fashionable. He took them trips and brought Lacoste back, and since we had the ill 60% family discount my parents swagged out me and my brother.” Along with the mixtape announcement, Jenesis asked Luke-O to rank his favorite mob movies and favorite Mafioso-inspired hip-hop albums.

In addition to the announcement, stupidDOPE premiered the mixtape’s fourth single, “Cows & Crocodiles / Crocodile Rock.” The first half of the song features an flip of the horns from Earth, Wind, and Fire‘s “Show Me the Way,” while the latter half of the song includes a vocal sample from Elton John‘s song of the same title. “I’ma kill this crocodile for Steve Irwin,” Luke-O boasts in the song, of course referencing himself wearing the Lacoste crocodile better than anyone. Earlier this month, YouHeardThatNew shared his “All This Money” video, which shows the rapper and his Moola Gang Ca$h Cow$ partner-in-rhyme Pyrex Pre$$ celebrating on the Vegas strip – with Luke-O continuing to show his infatuation with Lacoste, sporting everything from headbands to handbags. The video followed two audio releases, “Main Street Pt. II” via The Smoking Section and “24/7” via Noisey.

Luke-O is one-third of the Moola Gang Ca$h Cow$, alongside rapper Pyrex Pre$$ and rapper/producer Kilz. The crew has been buzzing in Pittsburgh for the past few years, having featured on and produced Mac Miller’s “Beautiful Money.” Also, Pyrex Pre$$, was featured on the cover of Jenesis Magazine’s “Next 5 Out of Pittsburgh” issue, which highlighted five of the city’s rising rap talents. Luke-O’s Lacoste Bo$$ follows Pyrex Pre$$’s Hard, Medium, $oft, Or $lu$$$hy, while Kilz plots a solo release before year’s end.

Read Jenesis Magazine’s mixtape announcement for Laco$te Bo$$:

Check out the stupidDOPE premiere of “Cows & Crocodiles / Crocodile Rock”:

Listen to “Cows & Crocodiles / Crocodile Rock”:

Track list for Luke-O – Laco$te Bo$$

01. Main Street Pt II
02. I Got Money Now (feat. Pyrex Pre$$)
03. Cows & Crocodiles/Crocodile Rock
04. Move In Silence (feat. Gunner)
05. How You Playin
06. Suspicious Minds Interlude
07. All This Money (feat. Pyrex Pre$$)
08. Bitch I’m Me (feat. Young B)
09. 24-7 (feat. Gunner)
10. Bravo For Brava
11. All Crazy
12. Don Luke-O

Lacoste Bo$$ Back Cover


Read the Jenesis Magazine’s feature article on Luke-O’s favorite mafia movies:

Read the Jenesis Magazine’s article on Luke-O’s favorite mafioso inspired hip-hop albums:

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Luke-O Background:

COO of Moola Gang Music/artist/producer/executive, Luke “Luke-O” Lucostic, has played a vital role in the Ca$h Cow movement.  With his new solo project Lacoste Bo$$, Luke-O looks to earn the respect of hip-hop enthusiasts as well as make an impact on pop culture embracing the nostalgic Mafioso sound blended with a braggadocios rap style similar to Bad Boy in the 90’s.  Established producer, Luke-O has gained notoriety with his in-house & local production credits including stand out tracks on Pyrex Pre$$’s HM$$, Mac Miller ft. BillFeeling Is Gone” & Moola Gang feat. Mac Miller “Beautiful Money.


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“Cows & Crocodiles / Crocodile Rock”:

Luke-O – “All This Money”:

Luke-O – “24-7”:

Luke-O – “Main Street Pt. II”:

Pyrex Pre$$ – “There Is A Coke God”:

Pyrex Pre$$ – “Cold Pimpin”:

Pyrex Pre$$ – Hard, Medium, $oft, or $lu$$$hy

Moola Gang – “Bon Appetit”:

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