MP3: Luke-O – “Main Street Pt. II”

Mafioso-styled Strings and Braggadocios Raps Guide the First Single from the Moola Gang Ca$h Cow$ Rapper’s Forthcoming Project, Lacoste Boss



Critical Praise for Moola Gang Ca$h Cow$

…Moola Gang crew have been a force to be reckoned with in the Southwest, PA scene for a while now.”Jenesis Magazine

The Song:

Straight outta Fayette County, located to the Southeast of Pittsburgh, the Moola Gang Ca$h Cow$ (Pyrex Pre$$, Luke-O, Kilz) are geared up for an impactful second half of 2014. First up is rapper/producer Luke-O, whose Lacoste Bo$$ mixtape is slated for a release in the coming months. The first single, “Main Street Pt. II,” has a hint of Mafioso-styled strings as Luke-O spits braggadocios rhymes, rapping “I’ll write a reality check so large the bank’ll put a hold on it.” “It’s Main Street,” says The Smoking Section in their premiere of the single, “but not the boring, white picket fence and cookie cutter house that you’d expect.”

With Lacoste Bo$$, Luke-O looks to earn the respect of hip-hop enthusiasts while making an impact on pop culture, embracing a nostalgic, boom bap sound blended with a charismatic rap style similar to Bad Boy in the 90’s. Luke-O and the Moola Gang have been buzzing in the streets of Pittsburgh for several years, releasing a slew of group and solo projects, with Luke-O producing some early work for Mac Miller. Last year, Moola Gang CEO Pyrex Pre$$ shared his Hard, Medium, $oft, or $lu$$$hy mixtape. The project’s first single, “There Is A Coke God,” was a viral success, reaching almost 100k views on YouTube. Meanwhile, rapper/producer Kilz is set to release his solo debut later this year.

Listen to “Main Street Pt. II”:

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Luke-O Background:

COO of Moola Gang Music/artist/producer/executive, Luke “Luke-O” Lucostic, has played a vital role in the Ca$h Cow movement.  With his new solo project Lacoste Bo$$, Luke-O looks to earn the respect of hip-hop enthusiasts as well as make an impact on pop culture embracing the nostalgic Mafioso sound blended with a braggadocios rap style similar to Bad Boy in the 90’s.  Established producer, Luke-O has gained notoriety with his in-house & local production credits including stand out tracks on Pyrex Pre$$’s HM$$, Mac Miller ft. BillFeeling Is Gone” & Moola Gang feat. Mac Miller “Beautiful Money.


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