Video: Montana Of 300 – “Broski Nem” ft. Talley Of 300 and J Real

Premiered by HotNewHipHop, The Chicago Rapper’s Latest Video Goes Backstage at His Debut Hometown Performance



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Montana Of 300 has a massive online fanbase who obsessively watch videos on his YouTube channel, but he had never played a show in his hometown of Chicago before his June 16th headlining performance at the Double Door. “Broski Nem,” premiered by HotNewHipHop, is the latest music video by the rapper, who Noisey labeled as “a star for a post-media era.” The video commemorates the occasion, taking the viewer behind the scenes for a look at Montana Of 300’s pre-concert rituals, as he mobs backstage with his squad. Featuring guest verses from Talley Of 300 and J Real, “Broski Nem” is a solidarity anthem dedicated to Montana’s FGE crew, with all three rappers demonstrating their loyalty and gratitude to their squad in their verses. “Broski Nem” follows last month’s release of Fire In The Church, which placed at #2 on iTunes beside Drake’s Views for several days. With back-to-back flurries of unforgettable quotes and inspirational stories of struggle, Fire in the Church is available, on iTunes, streaming services, and as a Collector’s Edition Rap Bible with textured and gold foil embossed packaging including a 48-page lyric and photo book.

Hailing from Chicago’s Southside, Montana Of 300 adopted the Rap God alias to represent both his status in the genre and his faith. “I felt like I could possibly be the best rapper that ever rapped,” he told Passion of the Weiss of an early intuition, adding “I got me, I got my brain, and I got God. My lyrics is way more potent than everybody else that’s out right now.” A 2016 XXL Freshmen nominee, Montana Of 300 recently spoke with Fuse‘s FM TV detailing his experience meeting with Kanye West and Rick Rubin, telling fans to “expect the unexpected.” The passionate emcee has been cementing his place in the game with an impressive stream of original video singles and remix videos which have accumulated more than 160 million YouTube views, building one of hip-hop’s most dedicated fanbases. A knack for dismantling popular industry hits and piercing them with his FGE (Fly Guy Entertainment) flag, Montana Of 300 recently tackled Desiigner‘s chart-topping “Panda” single with fervor, foregoing Brooklyn-bred wunderkind’s percussive triplet flow in favor of his own machine gun bursts of lyrical genius, and released a menacing video for Fire In The Church highlight Angel With an Uzi.

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Montana of 300 is an independent rapper from the Southside of Chicago. Wearing a bandana underneath his rope like/twisted dreads and covered in tattoos, Montana’s YouTube presence has blown up, with his remixes of Dej Loaf’s “Try Me” racking in more than 17 million views and “Chiraq” clocking over 13 million views, to name a few. Often referred to as “Rap God,” Montana of 300 got his start back in 2008 when he named himself after the movie 300, adopting the movie’s underlying motif “No surrender, no retreat” as his own anthem. Montana’s music is spreading fast, keeping the people talking and running to tell the next. Being versatile and dropping hits like “Holy Ghost,” “Ice Cream Truck,” and “All I Ever Wanted,” he shows us that he’s way more than just another Chicago rapper. Montana of 300 has been turning down record deals, saying he’s comfortable with how he’s doing while planning on staying independent. His new album, Fire In The Church, is out now.


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