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Born in Gary, Indiana, L.A. was the middle of five children. After relocating to live in Minnesota with his mother, he adapted to a new home—not without problems. When his grandmother passed, L.A. says he was a lost cause. Rap was the one glimmer of a life outside of trouble, whether it was TV producers helping him make an early video, or winning over the prison population (including the warden) through daily cell freestyles. Inside the walls, L.A. taught himself to read and write, along with building his faith. No longer with his grandma, the young adult used his rap to speak his truths through verses and chase away the negativity. Like his presence on the mic, L.A. is a man of commanding character. He speaks with heart and authority, pulling from an extraordinary life. It was that trait that drew in the founders of THOR, the nation’s biggest minority-owned construction company. In 2008, shortly after L.A.’s latest prison release, they met—and immediately wanted to empower him in their seven-figure music venture. Just as the ink dried, the housing market crashed. As L.A. finally caught a break, his plans were broken.


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