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The 21-Year-Old Artist L.A. via Florida Shines Bright in the First Single From Upcoming Painting Sounds EP


kyle dion - painting sounds

Critical Praise for Kyle Dion:

“When I first heard Kyle Dion’s undeniable falsetto, one that will send a girl back to those ’90’s boy-band-gawking days when Justin Timberlake fronted the group that gave us ‘Gone,’ I was automatically intrigued.” – Galore

The Song: 

From his Florida bedroom to the limitless city of Los Angeles, 21-year-old artist Kyle Dion has been making waves with a sound he’s coined as “jazzy alternative R&B.” The singer’s latest single, “Another Life,” features lush layers of Kyle Dion’s vocals, soothing electric piano progressions, and funky, fat bass lines. The young creator is preparing for the release of his Painting Sounds EP, which is due the first quarter of 2016. “Singing definitely came first, I’ve been doing that my whole life,” Kyle Dion told Galore Mag in an interview. “When I was nine I wrote my first song, it was called ‘I Wanna Know,’ and I told my mom, like, ‘I really want to do this, I want to be an artist.'” It seems that 9-year-old Kyle Dion knew what he was talking about – Kyle Dion has amassed droves of fans all on his own, drawing in people all over the world with his smooth, striking voice.

Kyle Dion was featured on Kehlani’s Cloud 19 mixtape, contributing his vocals for “How We Do Us,” which garnered over two million SoundCloud plays. Kyle Dion’s previous solo mixtape, 2014’s Sixes and Sevens, featured 13 tracks and showcased a coming of age for the young singer that was finding himself as he transitioned from adolescence to adulthood. Written entirely in his Florida bedroom, the mixtape’s mature, cohesive theme became instant ear candy. The title is derived from an Old English term meaning insanity. “I was having trouble what to call the tape and my homeboy actually sent me the term and what it means and I was like, ‘this is perfect,'” explained Kyle Dion in the aforementioned Galore Mag interview. “I mean, the first tape was about me coming to terms with a lot of things and trying to find myself through a lot of shit.” Produced by QnAce, Sixes & Sevens, although not technically neo-soul, does leak a bit of neo-soul influences, rounding out the tonality.

With Painting Sounds being prepared for release in the coming months, the first single “Another Life” is an appetizer for what is certain to be another giant leap for Kyle Dion.

Listen to “Another Life”:

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Kyle Dion Background: 

Kyle Dion, a devoted admirer of all forms of art and self expression is inspired by all music genres, has a voice that is already receiving mass attention. The 21-year-old received over 2.3 million views on YouTube for covering Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You” in 2011 and has over 300,000+ listens for his song “Purple Meadows” on SoundCloud, which was released June 2014. He’s been featured on Kehlani’s track “How We Do Us” which garnered over 2 million plays. His Sixes and Sevens mixtape brought in fans from around the world, whom Dion communicates regularly with. His debut EP Painting Sounds is set to be released in early 2016.


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“Another Life”:

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