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The Strange Music Rapper Releases Second Single From Pop/RnB Opus Go, out April 8th.



 The Song:

There are some things you take to the grave. “Cheating is one of them – I wouldn’t want to know if my partner cheated on me,” cites rapper/singer Krizz Kaliko, who is releasing a single on that topic called  “Behave” today via “Take that to the grave. No need to mess up everybody’s life because you got caught up in a moment.” That’s not what you’d expect to hear from rapper or pop star but Krizz isn’t your ordinary anything. Born with vitiligo, a skin condition that turns parts of your skin white, Krizz (born Chris Watson) was teased incessantly but knew he had a special gift of creating music. Adopting the name for the spotted and particolored cat known as the Calico, Krizz Kaliko kept it moving and kept making music. He will release his sixth studio album, Go, on April 8th via Strange Music. Named after Krizz’ modus operandi, Go, serves as Krizz’ first ever Pop/RnB album release.

For “Behave” the veteran Kansas City rapper and Strange Music consigliere Krizz Kaliko teamed with label boss and longtime collaborator Tech N9ne, creating a gorgeous guitar-led RnB song. Produced by Michael Seven Summers and premiered by Complex, “Behave” explores conversations that couples never want to have. Krizz explains, “I asked my musical counterpart (Tech N9ne), ‘What is the worst conversation that you can have with your woman? Would it be you admitting to her that you cheated?’ He said ‘No, her admitting that she cheated.’ And there came the idea for the song ‘Behave.'” On “Behave,” Tech N9ne’s precise rhymes perfectly complement Krizz Kaliko’s impassioned singing, evidence of the chemistry built through dozens of collaborations. The other tracks on Go share “Behave’s” lush instrumentation and deep contemplation of personal issues. Last week, Krizz released “Stop the World,” premiered by Billboard, a somber record that chronicles his battles with suicidal thoughts.

After releasing five studio albums, Krizz Kaliko is making a huge transition to Pop/RnB on Go.  Although Go is an ambitious creative leap for Krizz, especially since he’s earned so much success as a rapper, it’s a gamble worth taking; the 16-song album is an incredibly solid body of work highlighted by strong musicianship and brutally honest story-telling. Enlisting professional string players, horn players, and choir singers, Krizz describes Go as his most musically ambitious album to date. “I named my first RnB album Go to propel me out of the funk I’ve been in for the past year,” Krizz Kaliko explains to Complex. “I’ve had to press on through so much crap in my life that the concept of moving forward – to go – has been a mantra that has saved me from killing myself. I also named it Go because we took it there, musically; we went the distance.” With influences ranging from old soul, rock n’ roll, funk vocals, and drum patterns derived from Michael Jackson songs, and vocal stylings that mirror the energy level of Prince, Bruno Mars, and Maroon 5, Go reflects Krizz’ eclectic love affair with music.

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Krizz Background:

For Krizz Kaliko, a Rapper and R&B Singer born and raised in Kansas City, music is more than his life’s work: it’s his lifeline.  A long time collaborator of Tech N9ne and a signee to the rapper’s Strange Music label, Krizz’ music always reflects his mood. From his playful 2008 debut Vitiligo, to his dark epic Genius (2009), Krizz’ body of work runs the gamut of the human psyche. Krizz Kaliko’s expressive lyrics and emotional honesty have won the rapper a devoted legion of fans who eagerly anticipate his every move. After releasing five studio rap albums, Krizz forsakes his rapidfire bars for smooth singing on Go, a powerful, ambitious Pop/R&B effort releasing April 8th.

Strange Music Background:

Founded in 2000 by Tech N9ne and business partner Travis O’Guin, Strange Music carved its own path to become the #1 independent hip hop label in the world. The Kansas City-based powerhouse boasts a roster of 15 artists, and has developed into the premier independent blueprint thanks to an intense touring schedule, an unwavering DIY ethic and a worldwide audience.


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