Singles: Khary – “Cursed” & “Wifi”

The Rising Rhode Island-Born Rapper Shows Off His Versatility With a Formidable Set of Tracks From the Upcoming Captain Project


Critical Praise for Artist Name:

“Khary continues to grow both as an artist and a human being, a duality that comes across in his music and makes him an engaging underground figure.” EARMILK

“An undiscovered gem. That’s what Rhode Island emcee Khary is.” Ashley Outrageous

“A project that’s equal parts relatable, enjoyable, and impressive.” Pigeons & Planes

The Singles:

A strong conceptual thinker and a talented rhymer, NYC’s Khary has a knack for explaining human interactions in the Internet age. Blessing us with two new songs from his upcoming project, Khary shows his versatility with Cursed” and Wifi.” A ruminative and claustrophobic composition drenched in warm organ and perfect for late nights, “Cursed” finds Khary apologizing and atoning for mistreating others in his life: “Sorry I can’t be the man that I promised/I’m tryin my hardest at least I am honest/Apologies, but you gon hate me regardless/A farmer but I didn’t stay for the harvest.” On the other hand, “Wifi” finds Khary at his most playful, gleefully bending his flow around an upbeat 8-bit circus of an instrumental: “My initials KD/but I’m not Kevin Durant/My bitch from the ’80s/She old enough to be my aunt.” Though they are different in tone, mood, and content, both tracks fit seamlessly into CaptainKhary’s upcoming album. “Cursed” and “Wifi” are the third and fourth singles to be released from the album, following the burbling and melodic 4AM Thirst Ballad,” as well as the Billboard-premiered Captain” video that finds Khary wildin’ out in a warehouse, shaking his dreads and throwing money in the air.

Khary explains the connection between the two tracks: “Sometimes we deny the help that we so desperately need and find comfort in being alone or in a dark place. ‘Cursed’ is about the fear of vulnerability can make us desire solitude even if we know that’s not what we ultimately want. It’s almost as if we are under a curse of our own creation. This is the first point at which the Captain character that I explore on the project shows weakness. ‘Cursed’ is one of the project’s heavier tracks, but ‘Wifi’ was the most fun to write. The track is mainly just wordplay and fun, but it shines a little light on to how I think and who I am. It’s a good counterpoint to ‘Cursed’ and an indication of the different kinds of tracks I can make.”

Soaked in immersive, bass-heavy sonics courtesy of producers like Dilip, Calev, Tedd Boyd, and others, Captain is a confident and focused new project, emphasizing the necessity of self-knowledge and self-mastery for success in music or any other artistic pursuit. More self-assured and technically proficient than Khary’s previous projects, Captain, coming in Spring 2018, is packed with inventive flows and memorable punchlines, all organized into a useful and inspiring message.

Cutting his teeth at open-mics in his hometown of Providence, Rhode Island, Khary found his voice as an artist when he started interning at various music and media companies in NYC. In 2016, Khary dropped Intern Aquarium, his debut project, which focused on his hustle and his nascent artistic being, finding viral success with Find Me,” which recently placed on the soundtrack of NBA 2K18. Earlier this year, Khary released Tidal Graves, an EP created in collaboration with Lege Kale. With over 16 million plays on all platforms, Khary is an artist on the rise growing a considerable fanbase and performing with the likes of Tory Lanez, Kyle, Mura Masa, Talib Kweli, Royce Da 5’9”, Waka Flocka, and comedian Jermaine Fowler.

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Khary Background:

Teetering on the line of quirky and cool, Khary a Rhode Island native spent his teen years at open mics and sneaking into clubs to perform. After relocating to New York, he gradually made the transition from an intern to a full on artist. Khary details this journey on his 2016 project, Intern Aquarium, which he followed up with an EP titled, Tidal Graves. He has shared the stage with the likes of Tory Lanez, Kyle, Mura Masa, Talib Kweli, Royce Da 5’9”, Waka Flocka, and comedian Jermaine Fowler. Currently, Khary is wrapping an album which is due out in early 2018.


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