Jemez Mountain Hawkz

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“Their songs breathe with the undeniable feeling of a never-ending summer… “California Bound” delivers on multiple levels.” Paste Magazine

“[They] have a great laid-back, dusky twang thing happening on their first offering, ‘Long Ride Home.'” – Best New Bands

Reinventions are rarely what they seem. More often than not, they are evolutions rather than rebirths; carefully cultivated identities that are achingly revealed rather than instantaneous metamorphoses. The former is most often the product of commercial pursuits, while the latter is nothing short of a precious miracle, akin to the slow, reactive unfolding of a day lily. Dameon Lee (née, Waggoner) might be better known for exploits as bassist for Southwestern punk luminaries Scared of Chaka than he is for the tender, country tinged songs he scattered across three albums as Lowlights, but, as Lee stressed following the first Lowlights release in 2003, this is a “side” of himself that always was—it just needed time to simmer before it could shimmer.

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Press Releases

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Debut Project From LA/Seattle-based Collective Is Released Today
Nostalgia-Inducing New Single Premieres On Sirens Of Decay Today
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