Song: Husalah – “M.O.B.” (Prod. by Young L)

Mac Dre’s Torch Bearer, Original Member of Mob Figaz, and Bay Area Legend Goes Off with a Certified Slapper


The Song:

Armed with a drawling flow that’s equal parts playful and aggressive, an ear for slappers, and unfathomable style, Pittsburg, CA’s Husalah is recognized as a god-like figure in the Bay Area. Laying low and observing the shifting labyrinth that is the rap game after several years on the run and a stint in prison, Husalah emerges from the darkness with “M.O.B.” A relentless Young L production, “M.O.B.” finds Husalah spitting a hailstorm of bullets over booming 808s and squawking synths, unafraid to “slap the motherf*ckin molar out your mouth.” With this premeditated audio strike, Husalah creates the perfect soundtrack for the whip with “M.O.B.,” the first track from his upcoming project, releasing later in 2017.

Husalah is a legendary figure in the mythos of Bay Area rap. Rapping since childhood, Husalah got his start with the highly respected group, Mob Figaz, alongside the late great The Jacka, Rydah J. Klyde, FedX, and AP.9. Displaying his charismatic personality and athletic ability in his outrageous Ghetto Olympics videos, interviews, and music video appearances, Husalah quickly became a mainstay in the Bay Area scene. He further cemented his status with unforgettable feature appearances and collaborations with Bay Area legend Mac Dre. Expected to dominate the game alongside the Jacka and carry on Mac Dre’s legacy after his passing, Husalah’s momentum was put in a stranglehold when he was forced on the run by a federal drug conspiracy charge (cops found over 10 kilos of cocaine in a car he was a passenger in). After several years of evading the law and upholding the code of silence, Husalah was eventually charged with possession & intent to sell more than 5 kilos. He ended up in prison right after the release of his debut solo album, Dope, Guns & Religion. Despite his situation, his second album Huslin Since da 80’s was released while in jail, as well as the extremely popular “From The Hood,” both of which helped maintain his presence in the game. Emerging from prison in 2010, Husalah stayed quiet, performing at a sprinkling of shows and dropping a few strategic impactful records until he was spurred into action by the death of the Jacka, which reignited his torch to keep the MOB movement alive. Keep an eye out for Husalah’s newest project, coming soon.

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Husalah Background:

Raised in the El Pueblo Housing Projects in Pittsburg, CA, from a family of esteemed criminals, Husalah was introduced to the trap at an early age. Now a legend in the Bay Area, Husalah first began rapping as a child, and caught his first break when founding father of Bay Area gangsta rap C-Bo, discovered him in 1997. C-Bo went on to start the Mob Figaz, whose members included Husalah, The Jacka, AP.9, Rydah J Klyde, & FedX. Since the release of the Mob Figaz first album in 1999, he has been a part of numerous compilations, singles, and featured appearances, staying relevant on the music scene. Husalah quickly became one of Bay Area icon Mac Dre’s favorite artists, and the two recorded many songs together. After Mac Dre’s death, he was expected to become the new torchbearer for the Bay Area movement.

However, before the release of his first solo album Harsh Reality (still unreleased), Husalah was a passenger in a car that was pulled over with more than 10 kilos of cocaine and became embroiled in a federal drug conspiracy case. After several years on the run, he was sentenced in 2006 and turned himself in. His first solo project Dope, Guns & Religion was released just prior to him going to jail and his second project, Huslin Since da 80’s, was released in April 2007 while he was incarcerated. Gaining his freedom in 2010, Husalah spent several years laying low, performing and releasing music strategically. Following the death of The Jacka, though, Husalah was pressured to release more music and keep the MOB movement alive. Finally, in 2017, he’s decided it is the perfect time to pick up the torch, and set fire to the game.


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