Video: G-Val & Lil Yase – “Blue Strips”

The Slick-Talking Duo Celebrates a Successful Bank Heist in the Visual for the What a Time To Grind 2 Highlight, Premiered by Dirty Glove Bastard


The Video:

Hardworking hustlers with an ear for high quality Bay Area beats, G-Val and Lil Yase dedicate their lives to the grind. Running roughshod over a braggadocious mob instrumental, G-Val and Lil Yase craft an ode to cold hard cash on Blue Strips,” their dramatic new video premiered by Dirty Glove Bastard. Opening with a gorgeous aerial shot of San Francisco and the Bay Bridge, “Blue Strips” catches the two emcees on the tail end of a successful bank heist, following them to their safehouse where they celebrate their victory by counting crisp Benjamins and sipping on lean. Named after the the blue stripe running down the center of each authentic $100 bill, “Blue Strips” is a typically slick banger from the G-Val and Lil Yase, who work within the spaces of the beats flashing laid-back lyricism. The second video from What a Time to Grind 2, “Blue Strips” follows the sketch-animated video for Bozo,” premiered last month by Elevator

Reliable purveyors of sidewinding, endlessly funky Bay Area sh*t, G-Val and Lil Yase elevated their game on What a Time to Grind 2, a lean, 10-track slap delivery machine. Opening up with a radio-style intro featuring testimonials from devoted fans, the album boasts Bay bangers of all shapes and sizes ,the down-and-dirty, bass-heavy “Juice,” and the the unconventional for-the-ladies anthem “No Good.” While G-Val’s neighborhood of Hunter’s Point and Lil Yase’s Sunnydale traditionally do not get along, the two rappers’ collaborations bridge the divide and unite the two hoods with their no-nonsense anthems. With What a Time to Grind 2, the two rappers perfect their formula for a lean, banger-packed 30 minutes, amplifying each others’ charisma over mob and hyphy instrumentals.

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