Video: G-Val & Lil Yase – “Bozo”

The San Francisco Local Heroes Drop the First Visual From Their Collaborative, Slap-Heavy What a Time To Grind 2 Mixtape via Elevator


The Video:

Two of the Bay Area’s toughest-talking emcees, San Francisco slapsmiths G-Val and Lil Yase do not suffer fools. Adopting low-talking, drawly flows over a deceptively dense mob instrumental with dissonant keys, trap vocal samples and a haunting pan flute, Val and Yase eviscerate their rivals on Bozo.” Impressively attacking the same rhyme scheme for much of the track, the two emcees demonstrate their superiority on the hook: “Bitch, your n*gga a hobo/why you fuckin with a bozo/me and Migo, we up in a low-low/Hit the club bitches they bouncin’ like po-po.” Today, the duo drops the visual for “Bozo,” a creative and low-key visual that ably accompanies the original track. Animated in a crudely artistic sketch style, the “Bozo” video finds cartoon versions of the two emcees smoking blunts and driving low-riders with suicide doors while surrounded by a vast array of acrylic colors. Premiered by Elevator, “Bozo” is the first visual from What a Time To Grind 2, the latest collaborative effort between G-Val and Lil Yase.

Reliable purveyors of sidewinding, endlessly funky Bay Area sh*t, G-Val and Lil Yase elevate their game on What a Time to Grind 2, a lean, 10-track slap delivery machine.  Opening up with a radio-style intro featuring testimonials from devoted fans, the album boasts Bay bangers of all shapes and sizes, such as the braggadocious mob track “Blue Strips,” the down-and-dirty, bass-heavy “Juice,” and the the unconventional for-the-ladies anthem “No Good.” Together, the two rappers represent for the West Bay, spitting hard-as-nails rhymes over mob and hyphy instrumentals, magnifying each others’ charisma on their party-positive tracks. With What a Time to Grind 2, the two rappers perfect their formula for a lean, banger-packed 30 minutes.

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