MP3: 20 y/o R&B Singer Gemaine Releases “Freaky” Single on iTunes

With Over 2.7 Million Soundcloud Listens and Thousands of Re-Vines, His Hit Single Finally Gets a Retail Release


Critical Praise for Gemaine:

“We have a feeling this is only the beginning of a long-term career of stardom for Mr. Edwards.” – WatchLOUD

“At 19-years-old he shows not only a remarkable talent, but an exceptional passion and drive with a set of unlimited skills.”-  GoodFellaMedia

The Song:

After amassing almost 3 million Soundcloud listens and dozens of Re-Vines, 20 year-old R&B newcomer Gemaine released his viral hit “Freaky” on iTunes. What originally began as a 6-second freestyle he recorded at a local Guitar Center has turned him into a rising star in the world of R&B.

Although the 20 year-old from Compton, California has emerged as a newcomer to the music industry, music has been a big part of his life since he could remember. At the behest of his parents who wanted him and his seven siblings to avoid the trappings of the street life outside their door, Gemaine spent most of his free time singing and making music at his church, known for its high caliber of musical performances. A trained pianist, Gemaine is looking to do more with his talents than just sing. His goal is to create music that, “makes people feel good and becomes an escape from their problems.” He is currently working on releasing his debut EP, entitled Curious.

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Gemaine Background:

Gemaine is a 20-year-old singer/songwriter/actor from Compton, LA whose music is infused with the iridescent sounds of soul, jazz and pop that blends together in a smooth sensual way. Influenced by the musical sounds of R. Kelly and Michael Jackson, this young star wears his desires and passions on his sleeve.

After releasing a snippet of what would later be his viral single, “Freaky” on Vine, Gemaine managed to turn six seconds into over 2 million plays and 200,000 followers on his social networks.

Gemaine is currently working on his debut EP (untitled) while making sporadic appearances in television shows including Black-ish and Criminal Minds.


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