EP: G-Val – Five Million

The San Francisco Slick Talker Shares a Six-Track Slice of Late Summer on His Latest Project


The Song:

With a hard-hitting flow accentuated by passionate and meaningful bars, San Francisco native G-Val brings the heat with his raw lyricism. Returning with a collection of riders’ anthems for the late summer, G-Val shared Five Million, his latest EP. Featuring an appearance from Yhung T.O. of SOB X RBE, the EP comes complete with highlights such as “400 Degreez,” a relaxed wave-rider of a hood love song, the playful demolition of his haters on “Game Over,” and “Win,” G-Val’s piano-led statement of purpose. Packed with memorable punchlines and no-nonsense street talk, Five Million EP shows why G-Val has built a devoted grassroots fanbase in the Bay Area and beyond.

Five Million follows What a Time to Grind 2, G-Val’s recent collaborative project with fellow SF emcee Lil Yase. A 10-track album packed with Bay Area bangers of all shapes and sizes, WATTG 2  is a purpose-built slap delivery machine. Opening up with a radio-style intro featuring testimonials from devoted fans, the album features highlights such as “Bozo,” which received a sketch-animated, Elevator-premiered video, the unconventional for-the-ladies track “No Good,” and the cash-counting anthem “Blue Strips.” Together, the rappers represent for the Bay, spitting hard-as-nails rhymes over mob and hyphy instrumentals, and magnifying each others’ charisma on their party-positive tracks.

Hailing from Bayview Hunters Point in San Francisco, notorious for its street life, G-Val has been putting his city on the map, while serving as an inspiration to his community. Music has helped G-Val avoid the common violence in Bayview, and he hopes to push this positive movement with Five Million. Having dropped recent collaborations with SOB x RBEE-40, Bobby Brackins, and a joint album with fellow SF rapper Lil Yase, G-Val is a local hero known for his raw rhymes and hustler’s mentality.

Listen to Five Million EP on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/whoisgval/sets/5million

Stream Five Million EP on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2BsAJTGjAzxj0tEG1WiHHc

Listen to What a Time to Grind 2https://soundcloud.com/empire/sets/g-val-lil-yase-what-a-time-to

Buy What a Time to Grind 2: https://itun.es/us/9ognkb

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G-Val:  twitter | instagram | youtube | spotify | soundcloud

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Five Million EP (G-Val): https://open.spotify.com/album/2BsAJTGjAzxj0tEG1WiHHc // https://soundcloud.com/whoisgval/sets/5million

“Bozo”: https://youtu.be/7RdVcdBkRHo

What a Time to Grind 2https://itun.es/us/9ognkb // https://soundcloud.com/empire/sets/g-val-lil-yase-what-a-time-to

“Got Bitches”: https://open.spotify.com/track/0LlJROEHe5n4hBzpgj3qgS

What a Time to Grindhttps://itunes.apple.com/us/album/what-a-time-to-grind-ep/id1065678949

“All My N****z”: https://open.spotify.com/track/0tORgs6NSVWWqAdgI0N2Uk