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New Duo Calls Latest Single “Every Bad Girl’s Anthem And Every Good Girl’s Fantasy”



The Song :

Full | REBEL | Jacket, the self-contained duo of rapper/producer/videographers G and Q rep both Dallas and Phoenix, and as a group that brings together influences from both the West Coast and the South, Full | REBEL | Jacket delivers a range of influences throughout their songs. From the southern fried sounds of Texas and even a touch of straight-ahead boom-bap — and now, with their latest track, ratchet.

“Jazzee,” easily the most laid back and fun track the duo has delivered to date, kicks off with a crisp piano line and thick, bouncy bass, as G and Q trade bars and show listeners that they, too, can get loose. “We just wanted to do something fun and light,” says G, noting that, “A lot of our other releases were pretty heavy, content- and lyric-wise, so we wanted to show listeners another side.”

While the song title may feel a bit misleading, the word “Jazzee” is actually Texas slang, just the way “Ratchet” is West Coast slang. “Jazzee is Texas slang for a classy girl, and Ratchet, with Twitter and Instagram, we all know what that means,” says the duo.” It was just a cool, clever way to represent where we’re from, the South and the West.” As for the message of the track, this one is all fun — Full | REBEL | jacket doesn’t want fans digging too deep. “It’s every bad girl’s anthem,” says G, “and every good girl’s fantasy.”

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Full |REBEL| Jacket Background:

With edgy content and a unique rap style, Full |REBEL| Jacket is primed for the success they have long deserved. This underground Phoenix group has pioneered a sound they’ve coined as “Southern Sophisticated.” Full |REBEL| Jacket is bringing a fresh perspective through their lyrics while the group’s originality vibrates by means of their cultured beat selection and region defying styles. Their debut album The REBEL EP exemplifies the sound they seek to give fans and it shows the versatility of southern bred, west coast residing artists. Expect Full |REBEL| Jacket to soon be amongst raps elite.


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