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“NoirIllusions and Fijimacintosh’s “Glock Box” has a playful immediacy uncommon to such low-profile artists, but its cheeriness has an addictiveness that’s tough to deny. The track does a neat trick of giving a song about packing weapons, fucking all night, and foreign cars—rap toolkit shit—an effervescent tone. It’s executed economically, and with a shamelessness that suggests this won’t be the duo’s first visit to these pages.” – Complex

Fijimacintosh is a 16-year-old facing a world that he hopes to change. In late 2017, his “Wintertime Nights” single began as a creative experiment that since has reached nearly 50,000 plays. After more than a dozen years rapping, and recording in studios, the Canton, Ohio native finally found himself. He discarded previous monikers, removed his past online music catalog, and started fresh. Listeners gravitated towards to the melodic sounds of the artist within the Tumblr-driven Vaporwave movement. Influenced by a kitchen sink of Travis Scott, The Matrix, Neil Young, Kid ‘n Play’s Class Act, and anime binges, he says, “People need to use their imagination. Everything now is dark and black. I want color.” March 26’s Satellite Crash will land carrying all of the spectrums of a creative recluse with a story worth telling.

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