Video: Ezale – “In A Day”

A Highlight from the Critically Acclaimed The Tonite Show With Ezale, the XXL-Premiered Video Finds the Oakland Emcee Leave His Comfort Zone for the Cold


Critical Praise for Ezale:

“Oakland rapper Ezale is the funkiest human on the planet.”Buzzfeed

Ezale’s The Tonight Show with Ezale is the funk-rap odyssey you need.”The FADER

One of the best albums of the year” – XXL

The Song:

An eccentric, energetic emcee with a smooth delivery and a preference for ’80s-era electrofunk instrumentals, Ezale is the funkiest human on the East side of the San Francisco Bay. A California native whose music is perfectly suited to his home state’s everlasting sunshine, Ezale’s latest video proves that his style suits a midwestern winter as easily as a West Coast summer. Rocking a fresh North Face winter coat with a fur-ringed hood, In A Day finds Ezale wandering the snowy streets of Chicago, intercut with clips of high school and collegiate athletes from the Bay Area, including retired Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch. Featuring Ezale riding a sing-song flow over sun-drenched electric guitar, “In A Day” is a highlight from Ezale’s acclaimed 2016 project, The Tonite Show with Ezale. Though many of the tracks on The Tonite Show are carefree party anthems, “In A Day” is a bit heavier, touching on the many talented people who cannot capitalize on the opportunity to make it out of the hood. Some people, such as Ezale or Marshawn Lynch, are lucky enough to avoid pitfalls on their ascent to stardom, but many more, including some of the promising athletes spliced into “In A Day,” are unable to make it that far. Premiered by XXL, “In A Day” is an important reminder from Ezale to take nothing for granted–one bad choice can ruin a career or a life.

Ezale’s rapid rise began three years ago with the release of the “Five Minutes of Funktown” video, in which Ezale enlists 100 of his closest friends to mob around the neighborhood and give into the funk. Inspired by Whodini‘s 1984 classic Five Minutes of Funk” and the nickname for his Oakland neighborhood, “Five Minutes of Funktown” racked up nearly 1.5 million views on YouTube, earned the rapper a feature in Buzzfeed, and his dance moves inspired a popular Instagram challenge. In 2016, Ezale collaborated with Bay Area legend DJ Fresh on The Tonite Show With Ezale, a potent blend of Bay Area mob music and early-to-mid ’80s electro soul. Featuring hits such as “We Want Some P*ssy” and “Day Ones,” which The FADER named one of the 115 Best Songs of 2016 and Passion of the Weiss named one of the year’s top 25 songs, The Tonight Show With Ezale earned a huge amount of critical acclaim, with XXL calling the project “one of the best albums of the year.” The follow-up to 2014’s Drug FunnieThe Tonite Show With Ezale is available for purchase on iTunes and to stream on SoundCloud.

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Ezale Background

Ezale follows in the brash, devil-may-care tradition of Mac Dre while leaving his own mark on the Bay Area rap scene. Based in Oakland, the affable independent rapper made his name during the mid-2010s with tracks like “5 Minutes of Funktown,” “Foreal Foreal,” and “I Ain’t Trippin’ Off Nothin’,” frequently refurbishing funk and old-school classics by the likes of Rick James, Run-D.M.C., and Whodini. In 2016, DJ Fresh tapped Ezale for a volume in his Tonite Show series. The Tonite Show with Ezale, issued that September, was promoted with the slinking, 2 Live Crew-referencing “We Want Some Pussy.” ~ Andy Kellman, Allmusic


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