Video: Eric Biddines – “Peeuurrnn”

The South Florida Intellectual Braves the Frozen Tundra in the NPR-Premiered Video, an Appetizer for The Local Cafe, Out January 27th


Critical Praise for Eric Biddines:

“In this scenic video, directed by Ryan Snyder, we get Biddines all by his lonesome, in all his gold-toothed glory, going line for line with his reflection in the mirror and trudging through the snowy terrain. Alone time never looked so dope.” – NPR 

“His delivery is unique, featuring high-pitched vocals and a Southern twang that is unmistakable.” – Complex

“[Eric Biddines] sounds like a cross-breed of Andre 3000 and Devin the Dude.”2Dopeboyz

“His music demonstrates a Dungeon Family-like propensity for interweaving harmonious refrains into complex flows to create a sound that sandwiches pure hip hop with layerings of funk and R&B. It’s a sound that doesn’t come by accident.” – BET

The Video:

Seeking renewal and enlightenment, Southern rapper Eric Biddines ditched his sunny South Florida hometown for the snow-capped Rocky Mountains of Utah and got more than he bargained for. Caught in a blizzard while filming the video for his escapist single “Peeuurrnn,” Eric viewed the storm as the perfect challenge needed to face his demons so as to emerge with a sense of clarity and calm reflection. “Alone time never looked so dope,” commented NPR.

Braving the snowstorm in a fur coat, aviators, and his gold grill, Eric boasts of his ability to get gone “like the sound of a bullet – peeuurrn!” over Upgrayde‘s pinging, metronomic instrumental in the NPR-premiered clip. The latest release from The Local Cafe, hitting stores on January 27th, Eric defined “Peeuurnn” to XXL as “the teleportation and transference from one negative space to a positive space, faster than the speed of light.”

The Local Cafe is an intimate look into the life of an African-American male trying to make it in Palm Beach County, poignantly illustrated by Eric’s precise rapid-fire wordplay and intricate songwriting. In late 2016, The FADER premiered his bass-heavy lead single “Whole Trunk,” a Dirty South love song about trunk-rattling speakers and XXL premiered the “addictive head-bobber” audio version of “Peeuurrnn.” Inspired by Andre 3000’s line, “No drugs or alcohol so I can get the signal clear,” Eric Biddines gave up smoking and drinking in lieu of his first love and vice; coffee, which he started drinking at the age of 6 when he was tasked with making it for his single-parent mother every morning at 5am. Revisiting Eric’s exploration of his imaginary utopian alternate universe, “planetcoffeebean,” The Local Cafe is Eric’s first full-length since 2013. Releasing via Juggernaut Sound/ EMPIRE on January 27th, in a partnership with music industry veteran, Richie Abbott, The Local Cafe will spread Eric Biddines’ unique perspective to a wider audience.

Eric is in NY this week for in-person press. Please contact Michelle or Dharmic for more info.

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The Local Cafe Tracklist:
1. Sumn to Say
2. Towns First Storm
3. Peeuurrnn
4. Railroads Down 3
5. 20 Dollar Loan ft. Drew Tucker
6. Whole Trunk
7.  Rushing Forever
8. Wrong Path ft. Kendra Williams
9. Worried Bout
10. Coffee Love
11. Blvd Pimpin’
12. One Thing ft. Blaine
13. Fly Butter
14. Lavender Candles
15. Classic Cars ft. Kendra Williams
16. Praying Mantis

Please contact Michelle or Dharmic if interested in talking with Eric Biddines.


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