Video: Eric Biddines – “Rushing Forever”

The Deep-Thinking Palm Beach Rapper Spends a Romantic Afternoon with His Girlfriend in the Mass Appeal-Premiered Video from the Recent The Local Cafe Album


Critical Praise for Eric Biddines:

“His delivery is unique, featuring high-pitched vocals and a Southern twang that is unmistakable.” – Complex

“[Eric Biddines] sounds like a cross-breed of Andre 3000 and Devin the Dude.”2Dopeboyz

“His music demonstrates a Dungeon Family-like propensity for interweaving harmonious refrains into complex flows to create a sound that sandwiches pure hip hop with layerings of funk and R&B. It’s a sound that doesn’t come by accident.” – BET

“An introspective Southern griot in the tradition of OutKast and Goodie Mob” NPR

The Video:

Praised by NPRXXLThe FADER and others, Eric Biddines makes deep-thinking, eclectic rap music, steeped in Southern traditionalism and utopian futurism. In “Rushing Forever,” his latest video, Eric forsakes thought experiments and social commentary in favor of a grounded, sweet portrait of a loving relationship. Rapping and singing over glistening piano, twanging, reverb-drenched guitars, and echoing synths, “Rushing Forever,” described by Earmilk as a “panko-fried Southern jam,” is a passionate statement of devotion: “I’m in a rush to spend forever with you.” Premiered by Mass Appeal, the video finds Eric spending a romantic afternoon with his lady, playing tennis and enjoying a picnic in the woods. The latest video from Eric’s recent album The Local Cafe, “Rushing Forever” is a perfect anthem for the rapidly-approaching Valentine’s Day.

Explains Eric Biddines, “I’m a lover. I don’t do many songs like this but I’m just a natural at poetry and Rushing Forever just seemed like something a women in love would want a man to say. That he can’t wait to spend forever with you. It’s one of the more melodic vocal songs but I end with a rap verse that brings me back to my core.”

“Rushing Forever” is the third video from Eric’s eclectic and eccentric The Local Cafe. In November, The FADER premiered “Whole Trunk,” a bass-heavy knocker about the great Dirty South tradition of blasting music out your car. Eric followed up “Whole Trunk” with “Peeuurrnn,” a, Looney Tunes inspired banger about, as Eric puts it, “the teleportation and transference from one negative space to a positive space, faster than the speed of light.” Premiered in December by XXL and with a visual featured in NPR First Watch, “Peeuurrnn” is a prime example of Eric’s unique lyrical and musical perspective, springing in part from his upbringing in Palm Beach County and his swearing off drugs and alcohol in favor of coffee. An in-depth exploration of life for an African-American in Palm Beach County, rich with minute details and lived-in experiences illustrated by Eric’s precise wordplay and intricate songwriting, The Local Cafe is currently available to purchase on iTunes and stream on Spotify.

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The Local Cafe Tracklist:

1. Sumn To Say (Intro)
2. Towns First Storm
3. Peeuurrnn
4. Railroads Down 3
5. 20$ Loan (interlude)
6. Whole Trunk
7.  Rushing Forever
8. Wrong Path ft. Kendra
9. Worried about
10. Coffee Love
11. Blvd Pimpin
12. One Thing ft. Blaine
13. Fly Butter
 14. Lavender Candles
15. Classic Cars
16. Praying Mantis

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