Dumbfoundead Announces Rocket Man EP, Releasing December 8th

The Korean-American Emcee Proudly Rides His Boat in the Complex-Premiered Video for “Every Last Drop”


Critical Praise for Dumbfoundead:

“Over the past decade Jonathan “Dumbfoundead” Park has built a name for himself as a rapper, actor, and advocate for Asian-American representation in mainstream media.”The FADER

“Korean-American rapper Dumbfoundead had been at it for over a decade, both on wax and as an integral member of the battle circuit before frustrations with Asian-Americans lack of representation in greater pop culture inspired him to write the blistering anti-whitewashing anthem ‘SAFE.'” – Passion of the Weiss

The Video:

Having put in serious work for years, from being a celebrated battle rapper and L.A. underground king, to becoming one of the most influential Asian-American artists of our generation, Dumbfoundead refuses to be silenced. On his forthcoming Rocket Man EP, releasing December 8th, Dumbfoundead takes a jab at Trump’s nickname for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, while speaking on complex immigrant experiences.

“At times like this, turning on the news feels like I’m watching cartoons. I wanted to take this unreal name, and actually turn ‘Rocket Man’ into a fictional character that’s not necessarily Kim Jong Un,” Dumbfoundead explains. “This EP had me thinking about my dad and mom coming to this country as immigrants.  This is not just about the “triumphant immigrant”…It’s also us still struggling and letting loose by getting ratchet and ignorant at times. This is about everything going on right now and how we have to survive. We have to be confident and strong during these times, but we’re made up of more than just our success stories.”

With the Rocket Man EP announcement, Dumbfoundead is sharing the anthemic, aspirational banger “Every Last Drop” via Complex. Dripping with swag and success, the Korean-American artist cruises on a boat across downtown LA, marking his confidence as a “lil foreign boy in America.” “My family came to America with nothing but now we own things and have created a lineage with successful offspring. This is a ‘WE HAVE ARRIVED’ immigrant turn-up anthem,” says Dumbfoundead. “Growing up in this country, there were times we were made to be embarrassed for our status in this country, but immigrants are (and have always been) running shit and I wanted to make a song to show that pride.”

Fiercely representing for Asian-Americans in Hip-Hop, Dumbfoundead (born Jonathan Park) commands a legion of devoted fans who hang on his every word. Born in Buenos Aires to Korean parents, Park grew up in K-Town in Los Angeles, where he mastered rhyming by freestyling at Project Blowed in the city’s Leimert Park. In 2015, Dumbfoundead was honored for his positive contributions for Asian artists with the KoreanAmericanStory.org Trail Blazer award alongside actress Sandra Oh and humanitarian Thomas Park Clement. Last year, Dumbfoundead had his biggest year yet, releasing “SAFE,” which Passion of the Weiss listed as the 40th best song of 2016, and “Harambe,” which garnered more than 2 million YouTube views and reached the #1 spot on Spotify’s viral chart. Dumbfoundead has used his platform to promote other rappers of Asian descent, including Keith Ape and Rich Chigga, with whom he has formed the CXSHXNLY crew. Fans can stay tuned for Dumbfoundead’s Rocket Man EP, releasing December 8th.

Watch “Every Last Drop”:  https://youtu.be/UjI9AaMpjNc

Stream/purchase “Every Last Drop”: http://www.dumbfoundead.com/newmusic

Check out the Complex premiere: http://www.complex.com/music/2017/11/dumbfoundead-announces-rocket-map-ep-shares-every-last-drop-video

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Dumbfoundead Background:

From the battle grounds to the silver screen, Jonathan Park (professionally known as Dumbfoundead) has built up an unbelievably impressive repertoire. Born in Buenos Aires to Korean immigrants, smuggled into Mexico, raised in K-town Los Angeles where he later freestyled at open mics in Leimert Park at Project Blowed and was part of the last generation of Blowedians, Dumbfoundead is now a force to be reckoned with not only in the Los Angeles hip-hop scene but also internationally as a viral hip-hop ambassador.

In 2009, Dumbfoundead started uploading music videos on YouTube and growing his large fan base. His channel has currently over 460 thousand subscribers and more than 67 million views. Dumbfoundead is known for enjoying rap battles, such as the popular one against Conceited in 2015. Dumbfoundead was also honored for his contributions for Asian artists with the KoreanAmericanStory.org Trail Blazer award alongside actress Sandra Oh and humanitarian Thomas Park Clement.


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“Every Last Drop”: https://youtu.be/UjI9AaMpjNc

“SAFE”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmvqb9Uzu8k

“Harambe”: https://youtu.be/e7n2VC45-88

“Hyung” ft Simon d, Dok2, Tigerjk: https://youtu.be/sFhNukCXVV4