Video: Demrick – “Down To Roll”

His Collect Call Album Releasing Friday, the California Rapper Debuts Part Two of His Music Video Trilogy via HotNewHipHop


The Video:

Down To Roll,” the latest video single by California emcee and frequent B-Real/Dizzy Wright/Xzibitcollaborator Demrick, is the second in a music video trilogy detailing a day in the rapper’s life in Southern California, all leading up to the release of his Collect Call album on June 24th via 10 Stripe Records. In the seductive video for “Down To Roll,” which debuted via HotNewHipHop, Demrick takes a break from enjoying the sun and touring the city streets. He retreats into a secluded, neon-lit backroom with two female companions, smoking joints and vibing to Cali Cleve‘s instrumental quiet storm.

“Cali Cleve have produced and mixed a lot of the records by Kid Cudi, such as the Man On the Moonalbum,” explains Demrick. “They’re so musically inclined, so when we sat together we created this record completely from scratch. I wanted to do a record that basically told the ladies how the average man thinks, excluding the emotional side and just being direct. ‘Down to Roll’ is every guy and woman’s experience at one point or another in their life. A relationship that doesn’t put too much pressure on either person, provides a lot of fun experiences, and an overall homie type of friendship.”

“Down To Roll” follows the release of “Freak Show,” the first part of the video trilogy. Premiered in May byVIBE and produced by Scoop Deville (Kendrick Lamar‘s “The Recipe” & “Poetic Justice,” Snoop Dogg‘s “I Wanna Rock”), “Freak Show” is a feel-good record for summer days on the coast. “Different Day, the final video in the trilogy, is set to release later this month. Demrick’s forthcoming Collect Call project features production from West Coast hitmaker Scoop DeVille, as well as guest appearances from Casey Veggies and Lil Debbie. “The project is my most vulnerable work to date,” Demrick says. “I really represent the theory that ‘anything is possible… This is my best and most honest work to date.”

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Collect Call Tracklist:
1. Collect Call (Intro) (prod. by Audio Jones)
2. Different Day (ft. Casey Veggies) (prod. by StandOut Musik)
3. Watch This (ft. Lil Debbie) (Prod. by Scoop DeVille)
4. Bad Guy (prod. by Lavi$h)
5. Freak Show (prod. by Scoop DeVille)
6. Pocket Full of Green (Prod. by Scoop DeVille)
7. Take Me to Cali (prod. by DJ Hoppa)
8. Down to Roll (prod. by Cali Cleve/ Roc and Mayne)
9. Broke Down the Walls (prod. by Scoop DeVille)
10. Back in the Daze (prod. by GMB Music)

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Demrick Background:

Rapper Demrick has been closely mentored by three iconic acts in Cypress Hill, Kurupt, and Xzibit. Like that platinum trio of household names, the versatile, independent MC builds his music to last. 2016’s Collect Call rings to make a connection, in showcasing a new level of album-making from an artist with a story, conviction, and a palpable passion to his art.


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“Down To Roll”:

“Freak Show”:

“Back in the Daze”:

“We Still Here” ft. Dizzy Wright:

“Skyscraper” ft. Logic:

“Smoke” (Remix) ft. Cypress Hill:

“No Comin’ Back”: