MP3 Stream/News: Chippy Nonstop Reveals Amazing GIF-Based Memory Game to Unlock “Pimpin’ Season”

Chippy’s #finallyverified EP To Be Released June 25th. 



Critical Praise for Chippy Nonstop:

“Chippy is in her own lane, and while folks have been quick to compare her to other young female rappers, I think #GlobalSkoolOfTwerk shows her working a style all her own.” – Mishka NYC

“Upon first listen, it might be easy to dismiss the internet-obsessed Nanda’s debut offering #GLOBALSCHOOLOFTWERK as frivolous hipster party rap. Upon closer inspection idiosyncracies emerge: seething Hindi rhymes, crunchy dance beats, and a hyphy-inspired energy that help underscore Nanda’s unusual inspirations.” – FLAUNT Magazine

“The based + beautiful Chippy Nonstop is a rising star, fashion icon, and swagged out princess deluxe. Chippy is everybody’s favorite digi-trap-child. She is a force, and a cosmic whirlwind of deliciousness + flava.”  – Beats and Blood

The Song:

As the swagged-out Chippy Nonstop, who was recently named a Red Bull Sound Select Artist prepares to release her new EP, entitled #FinallyVerified, on June 25th, she lets loose boisterous banger “Pimpin Season.” However, she’s going to make you work for it. In the Pimpin’ Season Memory Match game, the track is available as a reward once all of the snapshots of pop culture icons and stills from the track’s upcoming video have been paired, revealing Chippy’s announcement that “it’s hot right now, bitch it’s pimpin’ season.” She discusses this unique project, explaining, “I wanted to use an innovative way to give some of my fans a preview. I was just brainstorming and remembered the Memory card game that I played a lot as a kid, and thought it would be cool to play a game to get people to preview my EP. I designed and built the game with my homie Manuel Palou of Art404.”

The track serves as the first cut on Chippy’s #FinallyVerified, which is dropping on June 25th. Chippy’s status as high social media royalty is well-documented at this point, as evidenced by her affiliation with YoungKloutGang, a group of fellow artists running their social networking with aplomb. Yet, one indicator of online prestige had previously eluded her–now with the ubiquitous blue check mark finally next to her name on Twitter, Chippy celebrates on the new six-track project with collaborators KittyBukkweat Bill, Chapman, and Speakz 

Play the Memory Match game here:

For those in NYC, catch Chippy at the first installment of the Red Bull Sound Select showcases curated by East Village Radio next Tuesday, June 25th at DROM alongside Bridget Kelley, Wavy Spice, and Stori. Details here:


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#finallyverified Tracklist:

1. Pimpin’ Season

2. Bang Bang

3. Bubblegum feat. Kitty

4. Geeked Up Off This Cake feat. Bukkweat Bill

5. Ether feat. Chapman

6. Number One feat. Lofty 305

Chippy Nonstop Background:

Chippy Nonstop is an audacious, undeniable party starter. She is of Indian descent but is more of a cultural nomad; she was born in Dubai, grew up in Zambia, has citizenship in Canada, and currently lives in Oakland. Chippy makes “electro-trap” music that combines dance, hip-hop, and world sounds. She will be featured on the upcoming Kreayshawn, Major Lazer, Big Baby Gandhi and Star Slinger albums. Chippy recently released her first solo EP, MoneyDance101, and #GLOBALSKOOLOFTWERK mixtape, and she will release #finallyverified on June 25th. Her discography includes released feautures with The Pack’s Stunnaman, Metro Zu, Andy Milonakis, and Main Attrakionz.


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“Money Dance”:

“R U Down?” ft. Antwon (prod. by Ryan Hemsworth):


“Kicked Out Da Club”:


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